Star Trek: The Video Game – is it The New Mass Effect? (Guardian Preview)

Keith Stuart writes: While Star Wars has proved a bounteous source of inspiration (and money) to game developers over the past 30 years, its closest sci-fi rival, Star Trek, has ... well ... seemed fairly resistant to translation. There have been some marvelous attempts – the serious simulator Bridge Command and Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, and the ambitious Star Trek Online – but we've hardly been inundated. The general consensus is that Gene Roddenberry's creation is a very different beast to Star Wars. The shows have often been more about characters, relationships and diplomacy than blasting stuff with lasers. And video games, especially major franchise tie-ins, tend to be about action and immediacy. There is a reason we don't have a thriving negotiate-'em-up genre. So when Sony closed its E3 press event last year with the news that a Star Trek game was in development, it was a genuine surprise. How would they do it?

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