Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Retro Arcade vs Atari 2600 Star Trek

We at Dadisajoke have a love of Star Trek, especially the original series. Now when I saw this game in the arcade back in the 80's it ended up being in my top 5 games.

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anast617d ago

I would've been all over this game years ago. This is cool, but we needa quality Star Trek game.


The Xbox Series S xScreen is now a 'Developed For Xbox' product, celebrates with a $40 discount

There may not be an Xbox handheld, but the xScreen can make your Series S a little more portable.

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darthv721d 14h ago

I have this screen... its excellent. I hope they make one in black for the new SS.

anast14h ago

It looks like a cool all-in-one set up.

MatrixxGT8h ago

I bought this a few months ago along with a series S to travel with. My work trips can leave me stuck in hotels a lot.
It was a little pricy but it’s quality and works really well.

Cacabunga3h ago

why transport a screen with you when hotel rooms have a much bigger screen than this??

Leeroyw2h ago

Most hotels now have their hdmi ports blocked up.

anast14h ago

It's good that Xbox is showing a major commitment to their main console. Now everyone knows exactly what to expect for the rest of the gen.

OptimusDK14h ago

Lol what are you all about - what is your message?

anast7h ago

I'm not sure what to tell you. The message is right there.

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raWfodog14h ago

From what I understand, this wasn’t developed by Xbox but rather developed ‘for’ Xbox by a third party. It seems like a cool option for Series S owners.

anast7h ago

Allowing official add-ons to a console is a commitment to that console. I am not sure how everyone is getting so confused.

raWfodog5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Can’t speak for anyone else but the only thing that has me confused is why you would think that their endorsement of a third-party developed peripheral constitutes a ‘major’ commitment to their own console.

I would have thought the simple fact they R&D’d, marketed, manufactured, and shipped the Series S to retailers for sale to consumers would have shown you their ‘major’ commitment.

Aloymetal12h ago

And the next one (gen) as well...

anast7h ago

The SS is coming next gen. xD

11h ago
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S2Killinit8h ago

If they didn’t make one for the series X it really tells you xbox is in more trouble than originally thought because that would suggest that they mostly sold to casual gamers and/or kids whose parents wanted to buy a cheap console for them.

I dont see how this thing cant work for the series x, it just needs a stand or something.

MatrixxGT8h ago

The company was third party. They did make one but discontinued it. It makes way more sense for the series S. I leave X on the tv and travel with the S.

darthv727h ago

@matrix... you are thinking of G Story. They make both X and S screens.

This outfit only makes S ones.

anast7h ago

They don't make games for the SX, so no reason to load it up with cool stuff.

ThEusAisPoisonous5h ago

You’re the reason why the AI in Starfield was dumbed down.

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Trilithon11h ago

1080p 60Hz screen should only cost about 30$

Charlieboy33310h ago

This screen has been designed for the series s from beginning. Saying it's 'developed for xbox' now does .....what exactly....besides state the obvious?

raWfodog8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

Many third-party companies develop devices and peripherals for consoles but don’t necessarily receive official endorsements from those console manufacturers. The article is just stating that this specific product is being officially endorsed by Xbox by receiving the ‘Developed for Xbox’ label. Sometimes those types of endorsements give consumers more confidence when buying the products.

Charlieboy3338h ago

I get what you're saying.....it's just a weird way to phrase it. The screen called 'X'screen that was custom built to fit the series s now has 'developed for xbox' on the box. I mean yeah, no shit. For what you are describing I would think 'Xbox Certified' or something similar would make lot more sense to me.

raWfodog4h ago

True, the name could use a little work lol.

Knightofelemia9h ago

Still doesn't make me want to shell out money for a system that lacks a disc drive and is essentially an XB1X on steroids.

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