New Star Trek Games Coming as CBS Launches Star Trek Global Franchise Group

CBS Television Studios announced a new Star Trek global franchise group that will expand the brand with new products including games.

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1373d ago
gangsta_red1373d ago

It's amazing that there hasn't been some type of open world, RPG set in the Star Trek universe.

Everything a designer, developer needs is laid out before them with decades worth of material to draw from to put into a game.

Servbot411372d ago

Fans tried to make something and they got C&D'd. Now we'll probably get some gatcha mobile trash.

RainOfTerror1373d ago

it says "gaming" so for all we know that's just a slot machine in Las Vegas.

Alexious1373d ago

Yeah right, Star Trek slot machines

RainOfTerror1373d ago

they exist you know, Star Trek slot machines and pinball machines :) Don't get me wrong, I want a REAL Star Trek open world RPG game, but the "gaming" term they used is so vague that it could mean a hidden object game for mobile :)

ccgr1373d ago

Hope both the show and games are good

Godmars2901373d ago

The show's headed for its third year.

And frankly, being behind a streaming paywall, is said to be a social message train-wreck that overly focuses on one character.

Noskypeno1373d ago

I only watched the first episode when it was on air, dont remember anything bad but i already have enough of a backlog so if its worth watching ill hopefully watch it when its off the service, but The Orville is definitely worth checking out even with the cheesy cgi( it is inspired by classic Star Trek), it might seem like a parody but it is its own show and has characters with a deep background that makes them believable even with their cheap costumes.

It goes to show that you dont need a big budget like Game of Thrones or having the show littered with popular actors to make a good show.

Godmars2901373d ago

Only Orville is littered with popular actors. Many from the newer Trek shows.

As for Discovery, hope you find enjoyment in it for putting effort into watching it. Already said what what I think of the few episodes I've caught, and really, hate what the arguments around it have done to the fandom far more than I could ever hate the show.

Felix3131372d ago

Would love a well crafted Star Trek game - but only if it was based on the original Cannon Trek not the utterly crap nu-Trek that CBS is currently trying to peddle.

Felix3131372d ago

Nope it's all crap nu-Trek as its a joint venture between CBS and Secret Hideout (JJ ABrahms/Alex Kurtzman), RIP good Trek :(

ravinash1372d ago

Did you just disagree with your self?