Gametrailers: Starhawk Single Player Interview

Learn about the various tactics available to help you succeed on your Starhawk mission.

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VsAssassin2402d ago

I will buy this game and support the devs. I missed Warhawk, so it's only right to buy this instead. I like the subtle touches like the recoil of the guns, and the strength of the impact of the buildings you build!

Gamer30002402d ago

can't wait already pre order it

VonBraunschweigg2402d ago

Hop in a tank, kill the kamikaze jetbike, shoot down incoming Hawks, eject by jetpack to escape the nuke, snipe a poor sap in mid-air, drop down a Hawk platform & take to the skies...all in one minute if you have to, this game is pure awesome.

r212402d ago

i cant wait to play starhawk again, both MP and SP. i hope LBI removed those circles you see when ever flying hawks, they were annoying.

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