Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Ground Zeroes PS3 and more discounted to below $10

New under $10 deals from Amazon include Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for as low as $6.99, PS3 version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes at $9.99, Starhawk at $5.99 and more.

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Locknuts2925d ago

Ground Zeroes is still $10 too much. I'll pay full price for Phantom Pain but nothing for a demo.

Snookies122925d ago

It's not a 'demo'. I'm one of the ones who thought it was as well for the longest time. There's a lot more to it than I originally thought however. I've put in over 7 hours so far, and haven't even gotten to 30% completion. There are multiple missions at different times of day, with different objectives and things to see/do.

Although, I'd recommend buying it on current gen rather than last gen. It looks so much better on PS4/X1.

Yi-Long2925d ago

I received Revengeance for free through PS+, and was very excited about playing it, being a big fan of Platinum Games (VANQUISH!), but when I had it downloaded and installed, it was disappointing to see there was no option for the Japanese voices (Vanquish did have that option), so I gave it a short try, but the disappointment was just too much so I uninstalled it again.

I kinda hope they'll consider doing a current-gen HD port of the game, which would include that option for the Japanese voices, but I doubt it. Konami seems pretty reluctant to include the Japanese voices in their western releases, sadly.

NovusTerminus2925d ago

You stopped the game due to it being in English? The voice acting was not bad at all... And the game was amazing.

Yi-Long2925d ago

Yeah, I feel in this day and age the option for the original language in our entertainment should at least be available. It annoys me tremendously whenever it's ripped out completely, to the point where it basically just ruins the experience for me.

DarXyde2925d ago

People are amusing.

$10 for Ground Zeroes is "too much" and yet that game runs brilliantly. Silky smooth 60fps/1080p (if we're talking about the PlayStation 4 version) and it's certainly not an ugly game by any standards. Short, but brilliant.

Oh, but I'm SURE that, once The Phantom Pain drops and it's packed with an insane amount of content, everyone will be glad it's only $60. I would buy that game even if it costs $100 because it will be a high-quality AAA title. I could understand thinking $30 is steep, but based on Kojima's tweets and news coming out of KojiPro/Konami, It's going to more than make up for that.

$10 is not too much for Ground Zeroes.

C-H-E-F2925d ago

Agreed, i paid 15 for it on black friday and don't regret it at all. The only thing I regret is the Holiday game library I acquired along with it. smh backlog is crazy :(

MetroidFREAK212925d ago

If there is one remaster I could ask for, it would definitely be Metal Gear Rising... I absolutely loved that game, fast paced action, great gameplay, and the sound track is incredible. I would buy that if it were to ever happen day 1

BattleAxe2925d ago

I'll be picking up Metal Gear Rising for sure.

Kingdomcome2472925d ago

Revengeance had some incredible action sequences, and very frustrating bosses lol. I enjoyed the small taste that was GZ as well.

Captain_Wormy2925d ago

Highly recommend Metal Gear Rising. I love fighting the boss battles at full volume.