Atomic: Trailer debate: gameplay vs CGI-rendered vs live-action

Atomic: Which is the most poignant form of marketing for you?

"Lovers of gameplay trailers can pick apart the new from the stale in any trailer brimming with or light on in-game action, but such trailers inevitably tend to show off the coolest gameplay features of a game that can have gamers, such as myself, champing at the bit in the final release of the game until we access whatever cool that was teased. Then, of course, there’s always the controversial pre-rendered trailer that’s masquerading as actual in-game graphics… isn’t that right, Killzone 2?"

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joab7772375d ago

It depends on what type of game it is. But i do agree that u want set the mood that u r trying to convey. U have to get ur game out there and despite the negative impact some may have, it is press and people learn about ur game. Ultimately, i agree with ur order.