'Skyrim Improved - Overhaul' is a mod that promises to enhance Skyrim's gameplay mechanics

DSOGaming writes: "Modder ‘Mofakin’ has released the first version of his Skyrim Improved – Overhaul mod. Skyrim Improved – Overhaul is an overhaul of Skyrim that primary tries to enhance and improve gameplay. Not only that, but this mod is also a source for new and unique features, such as craft able barrels, bear traps and lanterns, new followers/summons, a crafting, perk and combat overhaul, and tons of minor features listed in the detailed information section. Skyrim Improved is styled in a hardcore fashion which means that most elements of SI will make your life in Skyrim much harder than you’re used to in the default game. And did we mention that the mod disables the automatic health regeneration for both PC and NPC?"

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Amazingmrbrock2375d ago

sounds like a good mod. More importantly though there was a link at the top of the page saying black mesa source is coming out in a few week. Radtastic.