Can Peter Molyneux Make a Comeback?


"Change the world. An enthusiastic follower of all things Molyneuxian might have had his early warning system beep furiously at such a hyperbolic statement. After all, his other games, like Fable, Black & White, The Movies and Milo and Kate were, at some stage in their development, all earmarked to revolutionise this, or fundamentally alter that, but ultimately failed to deliver to the level close to what was promised, or never left the ground at all. These broken promises have come back to haunt a designer whose carefree talk of reinventing the wheel is now continuously met with rolled eyes and unwavering disbelief. Do gamers have any reason to believe him now? What has changed?"

The BNBGAMING Friday Roundtable discuss Peter Molyneux and his new studio, 22Cans.

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Jackhass2377d ago

I think he's still got a bit of gas in the tank.

-MD-2377d ago

He's been on empty for years. Fable 2 was mediocre and I heard 3 was even worse.

TGM2377d ago

But do you not think that now Molyneux is functioning as an indie developer without Microsoft's interference, he'll be capable of actually delivering his promises?

Amazingmrbrock2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

No he's been running under the entropy that is corporate management for years. I would put money down that his first game out will be pretty groundbreaking.

Everything I read makes it increasingly obvious that publishers are almost exclusively trying to run the gaming industry into the ground. Obviously it's selling very well but the very quick increases in yearly revenue from the gaming industry is just dangerous. In stock terms it would be high risk, and it's mostly because of the marketing money put in and the way the games made by big companies are increasingly becoming more by the numbers and less like art.

The whole art thing is going down the growing indie path and will continue to grow as free game making software becomes better and more prevalent.

Yi-Long2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

... his games have lacked challenge, they have lacked a good deep story, they have lacked great fun gameplay. (HEAR ME OUT)

Instead, he was focussing on GIMMICKS, like holding hands, or having a relationship with your dog, or whatever.

He is more interested in doing the 'extras' in a game, the 'gimmicks', but he has repeatedly failed in delivering the core experience, which is gameplay, story, challenge, etc etc.

And that's a shame, cause there's SOOOO much potential in the Fable franchise, and the design of the world is absolutely fantastic (just gorgeous), but as GAMES, they kinda fall short.

Fable 1 was probably the best of the bunch, but while the industry has moved on, Peter hasn't.

GamingPerson2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

He's been with Microsoft for years.. He is free now so I will hold of any judgment..


they tried to RARE him..

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FarCryLover1822377d ago

Hopefully he makes something like Black and White or Fable 1!

FarCryLover1822377d ago

So you dont want another one of those games disliker?

Godmars2902377d ago

If his diarrhea of the mouth has been properly treated, he might have a chance.

NYC_Gamer2377d ago

Dude needs to humble himself and stop making false promises

Wumbo2377d ago

Fable 1 was surprisingly an all time favorite game for me. Maybe because i never read any of the hype or articles with peter back then and just experienced the game for what it was.

HE just needs to shut up and stop making so many promises.

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The story is too old to be commented.