Dylan Jobe Talks Starhawk Single Player, Influences, and Multiplayer Beta Feedback

Joel Taveras writes, "Talk about coming full circle. We’ve been closely watching Starhawk since its reveal and after getting hands on time with it at last year’s E3, we knew that the team at Lightbox had something special on their hands.

Now with the game’s launch being a little more than a month away from release, this week we finally had a chance to sit down with Lightbox Interactive president Dylan Jobe to talk some single player, story influences, and the fan feedback that they’ve received from the beta.

If you’re as excited about this one as we are, you owe it to yourself to give this interview a look".

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taz80802432d ago

This game can be a monster for Sony and it's fans

Dante1122432d ago

Word. This game is pretty fun, had a blast playing it.

Bags_BuzzFocus2432d ago

enjoyed the single player. AI teammates weren't too bad

KingofGambling2432d ago

Looking forward to this game, already pre order mine.

2432d ago