Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Kinect support announced

Eurogamer: "Gargantuan role-playing game The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim will get Kinect support, Bethesda has announced. Support for Microsoft's motion-sensing device will come via a free title update due out this month. A video showcasing how it works is inside."

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Emilio_Estevez3091d ago

Nice to see there hard at work fixing all those bugs.

TheGamingArt3091d ago

We know where their priorities are. Its why I'm not buying their next game.

Grap3091d ago

good luck with that. i will be enjoying my Elder Scrolls games in my lovely PC.

jimineyscrickets3090d ago

To each their own. I had a great time in Skyrim.

Anon19743090d ago

I'm having a great time with Skyrim right now. It's hardly been out of my console since Christmas. Aside from a mammoth appearing in mid air once and a couple of game seizing moments, I never did experience any of the bugs everyone else was going on about. Can't wait for the DLC, and I still have tonnes to do in the regular game.

Bethesda always gets my money. Fallout 3 was buggy as hell when it first game out but the game was fantastic. Given the size and scope of the game worlds they create, which really is unmatched in the industry, I think Bethesda does a great job and when there are problems, I always find they're quick to address them. I'm sure the review process for the patches doesn't help when they try to fix things promptly.

The reality is games are getting bigger and bigger, and will continue to do so - and that means more room for things to go wrong. At least they have the option to patch their work. Back in the day, if a game shipped broken (and it happened all the time) it was broken...period.

pandaboy3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Their priorities are where the money and user base is unsurprisingly. Microsoft are just so much more intelligent than sony with 3rd parties. Developers actually care about implementing Kinect controls whether it's useful or not.

This is where sony have been absolutely moronic with playstation move. An open world rpg is perfect for move support, just imagine the possibilities, and yet we haven't seen one major rpg/open world game use it. We didn't even see portal 2 use it, which was absolutely perfect for move. We won't see MGS Rising using, another perfect opportunity gone astray.

Sony should be getting this though to the 3rd party developers but no, they are just simply too idiotic/lazy/stingy. Instead we see it predominantly tacked-on to first party FPS games that nobody cares for and does little for the gameplay.

I really wish Microsoft were the ones who came up with move, then we might actually see it applied in some interesting ways across several genres. I'm sick to death of sony's incompetency in this regard. They really did just release move for a quick cash in on the motion fad and didn't care about getting 3rd parties to support it.

jimbobwahey3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

I'm glad Microsoft didn't come up with Move otherwise all PS3 owners would see is dancing games and mindless shovelware aimed at children and parents who don't know any better.

Luckily though, Sony has been making good use of the technology to pump out a continual steam of games aimed directly at hardcore gamers who appreciate the accuracy and precision of the device, which results in a vast library of excellent, high-rated games that cater to the hardcore crowd. I think that given the downright pathetic support Kinect has recieved and it's relegation to being nothing more than an expensive paperweight, the Move is certainly in much more capable hands with Sony who you know, actually have games :D

Bigpappy3090d ago

I use Voice Commands in ME3 all the time. It works well for quickly selecting weapons, throwing granades and getting companions to use specific powers. This feature will be in many 360 games going forward, to reduce the use of menus.

tokugawa3090d ago

@ jimbobwahey lol did you get paid by sony to write that nonsense drivel??

incredible what fanboys come up with

EVILDEAD3603090d ago

'They should fix the bugs first'

It's on the know the version that didn't have many to fix.

Mass Effect 3 was the only game to take my life away from Skyrim.

Kinect worked like a charm for ME3 and I'm laughing because I even mentioned that the only thing they could use Kinect w/ Skyrim would be for shouts..guess I was wrong.

I keep hearing that Kinect never was used in hardcore games but let's take a count of the 360s biggest hardcore franchises

Mass Effect 3
Elder Scrolls

Other than Gears and Call of duty Kinect has now been used in a majority of the big ones.

Even so...definately didn't see something like this coming this soon.


Gazondaily3090d ago

Now you all have a reason to scream:


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calibann3091d ago

I don't think you have any idea how games companies work. Are you under some sort of impression that Bethesda has only 1 team working on 1 thing at a time? They have teams working on bugs consistently, their last update fixed a whole host of bugs. Why does it have to be Kinect OR bugs? Why can't they be working on both?

Drake1173090d ago

common sense doesn't exist here for the most part, don't worry about it.

VINNIEPAZ3090d ago

Like Drake said, common sense isn't one of this sites strong points. Now Sony fanboys, thats any story. Anything Kinect or Xbox related is gonna get bashed around here.

dmeador3090d ago

This is what I was gonna post reading some comments. People act like fixing bugs is like eating a pizza, and the more people grabbing pieces the quicker it will go. It simply doesn't work like that. Law of diminishing returns. Adding 10 more people to the team might see 8 of them twiddling their thumbs 87% of the time.

Be thankful a company is giving you free, awesome content.

Awesome_Gamer3090d ago

They should fix the bugs first.. Greedy a-holes *sigh*

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monkey6023091d ago

Yeah 6 months after release and they are still supporting their game with new features for free. How could they


Emilio_Estevez3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

So you're happy they're giving voice commands to 2 of 3 platforms, when it could have been done for all 3? I would be fine if it wasn't a gimmick, but obviously they'd prefer to rub on Microsoft's crotch then actually please their fans.

This isn't a new feature for at all of their buyers. That's my point.

monkey6023091d ago

I couldnt care for the new features at all. I bought Skyrim for the PS3. Never had more than a few freezes and I played for over 100 hours to get the platinum. It's just nice to see they are still trying to add new elements to the game

Grap3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

lol what 3 Platforms? PC got that Addition long time ago only ur PS3 that got no love so 2 out of 3. I think Bethesda and I can live with that.

LOGICWINS3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

"So you're happy they're giving voice commands to 1 of 3 platforms, when it could have been done for all 3?"

If fans want the feature that badly(lol) then they should buy a 360/Kinect. Clearly this is what Microsoft wants to happen. Good on them. Exclusive games and features are the reason why buy different consoles. It's not on the PS3 simply because its an EXCLUSIVE feature to the PC/360, no more, no less.

JaredH3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Why are people mad about this? The reason they're using Kinect is because voice is built in and takes nothing to implement. Remember that they got this working over a couple weeks and it was part of the video of future possible DLC at DICE? And that was with a small team.

-Alpha3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )


Speak for yourself-- this is far from a gimmick if it works as well as they show it. This makes the game a whole lot better to play. Anyone that plays Skyrim knows how cumbersome it is to go through the menus constantly, this Kinect support is wonderful and exactly what I wanted to see.

As far as rubbing on MS's crotch, that's business, deal with it. I see Sony and EA sleeping in bed all the time. I don't like it, but at least in this case it brought out something that we may have never seen to begin with. VC could have been done for all 3, but to actually do it is another story, and this is where MS's "crotch sniffing" motivates Bethesda.

If MS didn't do this it'd be "Kinect is useless", if they do it's "Bethesda is gimmicky". I like what I saw a lot, let's just hope it works the way it is advertised.

Iceman X3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Other games don't need Kinect for voice commands, like End War did it with ANY mic. So i ask why do someone need to pay $200 for Kinect, for something that your mic can do it? Microsoft is paying then to.

The Dude3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Man what a greatday kinect support for Skyrim and Sony laying off 10,000 workers and shrinking into the distance :)

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SilentNegotiator3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Well, they said it would get uses for hardcore gamers....too bad it's all because of under the table deals for microphone use.

I'm sorry, but I've seen VC since SOCOM (and I know it's not the first) and it had no trouble having VC without making compromises. SOCOM looked great for a ps2 game of its time and had some fairly large maps. So don't tell me that Kinect's little application processor and environment (of which ps3 has a similar version of) is the reason this "can't be done" on regular old microphones on ALL of the platforms.

JaredH3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Do you honestly think if Kinect didn't exist they would have even tried VC? It's not like the game was made with it in mind(like Socom, Binary Domain, EndWar, etc. were). It's just a small free update months after release that doesn't even add that much.

Actually that wasn't their huge marketed gimmick. Dragons were and shouts came from that...

SilentNegotiator3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

On a game whose huge marketed gimmicks are "shouts"?

Absolutely. If they had a less disastrous launch, I'd say "yeah, they would have included it as a part of the plan"....but no, it had game and quest breaking glitches when it launched. They couldn't even think of a side feature like that when the game was full of issues.

edit: They go hand and hand, then.

dark-hollow3090d ago

voice hotkeys replacement is actually seems quite useful.

Jazz41083090d ago

The 360 versions of their games usually play pretty well now the ps3 is another whole story but this gen a lot of devs have had trouble with the ps3.

mugoldeneagle033090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

If the Kinect support actually turns out good, then why is this a bad thing?

I don't give a shit about Kinect at all, but it needs more hardcore games before I and many others buy the thing. This definitely helps

Lets just hope it doesn't turn out like Star Wars

EDIT: Eh, video showed all voice commands. Guess I thought wrong to think full support

WitWolfy3090d ago


mcstorm3090d ago

There has always been hate on here for Kinect no matter if the news is good or bad. I have Kinect and I think its a really good device it just adds that little bit extra to the 360 games and it is also good that the family can now play games on my 360 as this is one thing the device was lacking. I like the voice controls with Kinect too in apps like Netflix ect. Yes you can press a button but when your phone is going off ect saying xbox pause is a good thing to have.

I also use Kinect with Forza 4 too as the head tracking for the in car view works really well for me anyway.

I have also yet to paly Skyrim. I got it when it came out but Forza 4 has kept me going back to it instead of playing other games I got after it which include Skyrim, F1 2011 BF3 Halo CEA and Gears 3 plus I picked a PSV up too so between this and forza 4 its kept me off them.
But from the Video I think the voice control looks like it could work very well on this game and I thought they may of done something like this for Fable 3 but they never did.

They way I look at Kinect is its not for everyone just like Move and wii is not but I think adding Kinect support to games like this without damaging the game its self and not forcing anyone to use Kinect with the game is a good way for developers to make games like this on the 360. Kinect has all the tools ready for the developers to add into there games for the voice ect so they don't need to reprogram it into the game as such so it makes things like the voice control and body tracking work with the game rather than trying to do it the other way roud.

TBM3090d ago

meh to me its a useless feature, but for those with the camera more power to them. i actually havent played skyrim for the last two months. as good as it is, it was getting boring with the fetch quests over and over.

ill probably pick it up again when i have the urge.

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xPhearR3dx3091d ago

Why not? It's free. If they want to keep adding new features for free, even if you don't use them, I wouldn't complain. If this was any other company they would have charged money starting with the new kill cams.

Zynga3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

If they said the same thing with ps move support. I bet you wouldn't be complaining.

Machioto3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Well duh, the ps move is a actual controller and I wonder if their implementation is based of the f.a.a.s.t system or in house that's better.(there is video of morrow wind with faast system in it but, to me is unnecessary.)

@tai other that 3d tracking a lot of what showed with kinect could be achieved with a regular camera and the ps eye had an array of microphones.

OC_MurphysLaw3091d ago

@Machioto...if all that can be done with the PS eye as you say...why hasn't it been done? Simple question...

Machioto3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

I have two theories,

1It's not part of the ps move skd.

2.Microsoft wants people to believe this is feature that is exclusive to kinect,a bit off topic if anyone remembers end war it was suppose to have exclusive ps eye implementation but the dev said in the report it had to be all right with Ms.

Hufandpuf3090d ago

I don't have a PS3 genius. Try harder.

Biggest3090d ago

"if all that can be done with the PS eye as you say...why hasn't it been done?"

Because they didn't do it. Boom! Simple question answered. You know that the PS Eye has a microphone. You know that the Move is tracked in a 3D space using the PS Eye. Why you would question what you know is the real issue, Dlacy13g.

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Tonester9253090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

1 to 1 movements HELL YES!

Screaming Shouts at my TV NAW

aviator1893090d ago

What do you mean by "why?" Bethesda obviously saw that many people are buying kinects and thought that maybe they could enjoy skyrim with it as an optional FREE feature. It's free, what's to complain?

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The Meerkat3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

"fus ro dah"

"F..U...S....R...O.....D ...A....H"

(presses shoulder button)

yourfather3091d ago

after ME3's voice command support i don't think Kinect have any problem with voice control

(well if you just joking ignore me and i'm sorry)

Tonester9253090d ago

I can't imagine myself screaming Shouts at my TV lol

360GamerFG3090d ago

Yeah well fortunately Bethesda isn't as limited as your imagination.

360GamerFG3090d ago

Thank you Meerkat, and that kids is how you do a dragon call on ps3.
Voice command is only supported on PC and X360

Angrymorgan3090d ago

Stupid really, I was using voice commands on socom back in the ps2 days.....not that I actually want it now but yea its bullshit, kissing microsoft ass,
Ps3 seem to get shitty deals from Bethesda

xPhearR3dx3090d ago


You were using BASIC voice commands and a very limited number.

Kinect is built for this kind of thing. Saying "Bravo, fire at will" is a lot easier to program than "Fus Ro Dah". Plus, you're looking at 200+ voice commands, not 20.

Look at cellphone technology. It now supports all sorts of voice commands. Where older phones do not. Simply plugging in a regular headset wont cut it.

Angrymorgan3090d ago

@ Xphear
Maybe your right but I don't believe it couldn't be done if they made the effort

Machioto3090d ago

@xPhear they took that processor out of kinect because it would raise the price and all of it is in software, Sony has something similar called playstation vr,it doesn't use the ps eye but the sing star mic.

xchamp3090d ago

Would you want them to support move for PS3 then

Genghis3090d ago

well the fact is, move is NOT supported in this. neither is the PSeye, neither is this VR stuff.

Sony is not spending money to do this kind of thing.

Microsoft is.

End of story.

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TheBioLover3091d ago

Why not just use regular microphones so it can be on PC and PS3 as well?

ExCest3091d ago

Yeah. These voice commands are actually really good since the menu is annoying on PC. It actually would help to have these voice commands.

AllroundGamer3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

cause some people still think (mostly MS), that Kinect is something magical with advanced technology, but in reality it's just a simple webcam with a microphone... and they need to push their product at all cost :)

Shadonic3090d ago

not just a simple webcam as you can see there's 3 different cameras in it that combine the information from all three cameras to produce what we see today, The move has a simple webcam but also has the move controller which basically does the same thing as the wii motion plus just more precise.

M1chl3090d ago

Don't think so. Its because, its super easy to do this with MS SDK, nobody cares if you have to implement your own Voice-recognition SDK. It would be too costly. Even the the price-point, sitting on 0$, shows how much effort you have to put on this. So its nothing magical, just MS has some libraries ready to use for things like this. Just try it for yourself on PC : )

AtomicGerbil3090d ago


Wrong! Sony already has voice recognition libraries as part of it's PS3 SDK. It wouldn't take anymore effort to implement this on PS3 than the 360.

aquamala3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

because Kinect is not just a microphone, it includes voice recognition as API that developers can just use. To do the same thing on PS3 developers would have to implement it themselves or buy that IP from someone.

andibandit3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

I dont know why aquamala is getting disagrees cause he's spot on. Oh wait i know, im on
Not saying it cant be done on PS3, but obviously if MS has done most of the hard work in the API, implementing it would be simple.

AtomicGerbil3090d ago

Aquamala is not spot on, do some research. As I've stated above, the VR libraries are already in the PS3 SDK. Coding on both systems would be near enough comparable.

JaredH3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Well I've only heard good things about Mass Effect 3's Kinect integration from people who've actually used it so this might turn out the same. Apparently it's cool to not have to wear anything and just talk normally but I still could care less about buying a $150 peripheral that's only function in core games is a cool microphone.

OC_MurphysLaw3091d ago

Steel Battalion will be the game to change that from what I have seen.

Shadonic3090d ago

im waiting on Ryse its made by crytek and honestly it seems to be their main project at the moment and their putting more effort into it than most of the other kinect titles produced by other companies. its not the kinect its just like how the producers make the game mechanics.

aquamala3090d ago

count me as someone that thought voice commands in ME3 is dumb, but I find it very useful as I don't need to pause the game to select a command in the wheel anymore.