IGN - The Lost Levels of Uncharted 3

IGN - Uncharted 3 is a work of art that is composed of beautiful set pieces like the picturesque dunes, capsized cruise ship, burning chateau. These began as paintings and sketches by art director Robh Ruppel and his team. At GDC 2012 Ruppel showed off some Uncharted 3 art, and some of the coolest slides revealed lost levels and ideas that never came to fruition. Sony and Naughty Dog were kind enough to provide us with never-before-seen mockups of unused levels and early versions of some of Uncharted 3's most memorable experiences.

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milohighclub2379d ago

These should be made into multiplayer maps.

Sevir2378d ago

And the dry dock! Is have loved to play through these portions! I hope Some of these ideas like Fog and smoke are explored to great lengths in The next Console edition of Uncharted..

Nac2378d ago

I agree about wanting to include fog and/or smoke. They would certainly move different, couldn't just take fog and color it dark to equal smoke. I would also like to see ND do for rain what they have done for Water, Sand, and snow. No dev has ever really hit rain's potential.

Sevir2378d ago

and that chapter with the floating Ship with the storm!

Nac2378d ago

I mean a really heavy rain. Drops having an effect on Drake, where we can really see him physically react to the weather.

dalibor2378d ago

These are nice pieces of art. Not only could these be used in a game but... a movie as well. Is that crazy? Just goes to show what games can be capable of or rather how similar it can be to movies at times.

goldwyncq2378d ago

So many wasted ideas, those Sandlantis pics were amazing.

r212378d ago

these would have been awesome to play on, alas it had to be cut.