Every Naughty Dog Game Ranked From Worst to Best

BY BEN PRICE: Through the years, few game developers have been as consistently excellent in their quality of titles as Sony’s own Naughty Dog. With the release of The Last of Us Part II, this is the perfect time to rank every Playstation title released by Naughty Dog, from Crash Bandicoot to Uncharted 4.

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crazyCoconuts951d ago

....ranked from best to bestest

ClayRules2012951d ago

Best Uncharted game to bestest.

Uncharted DF. Story wise, I prefer it over U3. Such a good time & entertaining story. Clunky controls, but still solid enough.

Uncharted 3 - Least favorite game in the series, from the story side of things. But still entertaining. And while I didn’t love the set pieces, they were amazing to look at.

Uncharted Lost Legacy - I loved Chloe and Nadine working together, with all the banter and jokes.

Uncharted 2. This’ll forever remain close to my heart. So special to me and one of the finest gaming story’s/experiences I’ve still yet today ever had. Incredible set pieces that paved the way for other games makers to try and mimick, yet not to come close to capturing the epic scale of what’s still on offer here all these years later.

Uncharted 4. What a final farewell and beautiful sendoff for Nathan Drake, Elena, and Sully. Loved Rafe, great boss fight at the end, more grounded personable story with nice mystical elements (which I appreciated) just couldn’t imagine it any better!

The Last of Us. The finest story I’ve ever experienced in a game. ND’s best work to date (because I’m not speaking on Part 2 at the moment, since i haven’t beaten it) so yeah...and yes, I’m aware of my risks being in the comments. Let’s be kind and not ignorant please lol.

bouzebbal951d ago

Jak & Daxter to me redefined some of the platforming aspects. the experience was first of all seemless there was almost no loading screen on PS2 and that was something never seen before.
My favorite ND game though is Jak 2. It had some GTA in it, some of Jak 1, good action, perfect gameplay, good dose of difficulty and no loading screen.

TheKingKratos951d ago

My rank would be


2.Uncharted 2

3.Uncharted 4

4.Uncharted 3

5.Uncharted 1

950d ago
starchild950d ago

1. Uncharted 2
2. The Last of Us
3. Uncharted Drake's Fortune
3. Uncharted 3
4. Uncharted 4
5. The Last of Us 2

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shuvam09951d ago

Way of the Warrior FTW!!

nirwanda951d ago

Bad mortal combat with great music, has no idea it was naughty dog

950d ago
darthv72950d ago

Its so bad its good. Why the hell have they not gone back to this after all these years???

toxic-inferno951d ago

You're absolutely right! I opened the page and saw Jak X as the 'worst', and was initially horrified, as I love that game! Then I remembered this was only Naughty Dog games...

ClayRules2012950d ago


Very nice rank ranking!!

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TheScotsman951d ago

The list is written buy a coward scared to put TLOU2 on the list for fear of the haters lol. Why bother writing the article at all

zackeroniii951d ago

he knew he made this list just for the very purpose of not putting the last of us part 2 so he could cause more trouble...he knew exactly what he's doing

ABizzel1951d ago

It's my number 2 game of this generation so far, regardless of the divisiveness and IMO in their top 5 games if probably top 3 for me (Uncharted 2, The Last of Us Part 1, and The Last of Us Part 3 but I'm not sure of the order just year).

I don't think it's a 10/10 for me personally, because there are a few small things that I felt could have been better specifically the structure of the story and removing some sections of the gameplay to make it closer to a 16 hour (8 hours per campaign) game instead of a 20+ hour one. But there were just so many great and amazing things in this game that are so far ahead of anything else I've played this generation that I'm thoroughly excited for a Part 3 or whatever they name a sequel if it ever happens and I'm willing to wait for another 6 - 7 years to play it.

demonseye951d ago

well to be fair i only wanted the story to last longer. story wise this is a downgrade from last of us 1. i know they were gonna create a more daring story. i just dont like dina in the story she doesnt really add anything that makes me intrested. game wouldve been better if it was jesse and ellie going through togheter as friends love story wasnt really needed. i am fine with lev story being a trans and the cult not liking it. becuase it doesnt feel forced to much and it isnt in your face its just a part of the story.
didnt like the two story lines you are playing but thats my personal preference.
but gameplay wise its defintly a masterpiece.

mandingo951d ago

Because TLOU2 doesn’t make the list

Marquinho951d ago

Lol... nice clickbait(ish) article... they didn't dare to rank TLOU2.

Anghellic951d ago

should be top 3 Uc2, Tlou1, Uc3...

Yodasfavoritesoda951d ago

Wow I forgot about a few of those games. Solid list but they got better with time peaked with the last of us then came back to earth a bit

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