Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Free Multiplayer DLC Now Live, Do Not Purchase for 320 MS Points on XBL

MP1st - Today, Mass Effect 3 multiplayer goers were treated to a nice little addition in the form of 2 new maps, 6 new characters and 3 new weapons, all for the reasonable price of free. However, BioWare has recently issued this warning to all Xbox 360 users.

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Gaming1012408d ago

Let me guess, its up for 320 microsoft points because that's how it was originally coded and intended by EA, and now that Mass Effect fans are some of the most pissed off infantile fans on the planet they just HAD to release this for free or be burned at the stake lol

Hayabusa 1172408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

13 anti-christs on N4G. Or maybe they're christians without a sense of humour. Hey, all I'm saying is it's a damn good joke.

Mister_V2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

@Hayabusa 117 Crazy eh? I come back a day later and... wow.

So... Mass Effect anyone?

SephirothX212408d ago

Do not take the non-existent Jew's name in vain!

WitWolfy2408d ago

My GF will would be totally pissed if she heard you saying that.

deep_fried_bum_cake2408d ago

I'm pretty sure that there were Roman documents which shows that they did actually crucify a man with his (actual) name, so he probably did exist. Now whether or not he was the son of god is a whole other can of worms which I'm not touching.

On topic though, good to see EA actually giving something out for free, that's rare.

joab7772408d ago

You can debate his role but not his existence. Actually, if i am not mistaken, he fulfilled 456 phophesies written atleast 400 before his birth. The odds are more than 10 to the power of 100, much more if i am correct... something like the odds of choosing a random element in the universe.

To the topic at hand, this shows that obviously it wasn't intended to be free. As much as i would love sp dlc, i love the multi and the dlc and am glad they put it out...for free...even better. Thanks bioware!

Gaming1012408d ago

Don't be a trolling dumbass

Fylus2408d ago

Yeah, seriously dude, what these^ guys said. Whether you believe he was the son of God or not, you're obviously pretty damn illiterate if you'd deny his existence all together.

MyNameIsNotRick2408d ago

There is no definitive proof of his existance. There are no roman documents. The earliest writings about Jesus were written decades after his death. On the other hand, there is proof that a significant part of what was attributed to Jesus was attributed to other "gods" hundreds of years before Jesus. One example, Horus...
Info on Horus similarities starts at 0:54

Fylus2407d ago

@AtMyNameIsNotRick, actually, there ARE historical records of his crucifixion by Pontius Pilatus (Or Pilate), plus the entire New Testament.

Also, like you said, there have been plenty of people who claimed the status of Messiah, with stories involving virgin mothers and such, however, like I said, this isn't a question lf whether or not Jesus was the Messiah; It's about whether he did or did not EXIST. Sure, he COULD have just been a regular mortal man claiming to be the son of God, but the fact is, he did at one time walk on this earth.

Also, if he didn't exist, do you really think there would be a full-blown religion because of him that is still globally popular TODAY? Thought so.

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F7U122408d ago

1:16am and still not uploaded to Origin. -.-

EmperorDalek2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I think you need to get it in the in-game store. Could be wrong, but that's how I got it.

F7U122408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I barely used that sh*tty app.

"To download the Resurgence Pack in Origin for Mass Effect 3 PC:

Please login to Origin. Find Mass Effect 3 in your My Games list.

Right-click show details , then click “Shop for Add-ons”

As the Resurgence Pack is free of charge, click Buy Now to purchase the pack. Once purchased, it will appear in your DLC list.

Click Ready To Download and the pack will download and install."

chriski3332408d ago Show
gameplayingfool2408d ago

@ Hayabusa 117

Must be christians without a Christ-like humor.

ThankYou_KindSir2407d ago

@ Splooshington

Watch your language and have some respect for other people. Was it too difficult for you to think for a single moment that your misuse of a name (Jesus) that others revere is completely disrespectful? Your ignorance and inconsideration for others through your blasphemy is uncalled for and you're not funny. Everyone is held accountable for their actions, you're no exception.

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typikal822408d ago

I'm guessing 320 was the original price for the DLC and someone didn't get the memo

BattleTorn2408d ago

Somebody somewhere spilled the beans. lmao

2408d ago
Perjoss2408d ago

Hopefully if anyone accidently buys the 'fake' one they can have those points refunded.

Valenka2408d ago

I'm surprised Microsoft isn't telling people that the 320 MS Points package is the proper one.

Dr Face Doctor2408d ago

The fact that it was going to be 320 points further proves that releasing it for free was a damage control move by EA.

TekoIie2408d ago

I'm sorry but are you complaining about free stuff???

typikal822408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I don't think anyone is playing the blame game, we're just pointing out the obvious.

Their original intention was to sell the pack for 320msp, but with all the backlash recently they put up for free.

I'd be mad if I paid for it since you still have to take a (slim) chance of getting the DLC class/character you want to play with. I kept buying Spectre packs all last night and got no DLC characters. :(

TekoIie2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Thing is that the 320 ms point version wasnt uploaded to the UK marketplace. So it would have been nice to see the article point out or see if this "issue" is limited to the US...

Sony3602408d ago

Either way blame Microsoft.

mynameisEvil2408d ago

It's strange. EA and BioWare's move this entire time was to make MORE money. Instead, they had a much larger backlash than they ever could've anticipated and now they have to pull damage control, which loses money.

GREAT PLANNING, EA. See what happens when you try to get greedy?

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