Pre-Order Prototype 2 At Wal-Mart, Get Prototype 1 Download Code Free

With the release of Prototype 2 exactly two weeks away, Wal-Mart Canada and Activision have decided to give away a free copy of the original Prototype with a pre-order of the highly anticipated sequel.

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Fel082409d ago

That's a pretty sweet deal.

moeqawama2409d ago

Is this offer available in the U.S. as well?

TrendyGamers2409d ago

From what I could find, this deal is Canada only.

aDDicteD2409d ago

i hope the deal comes to US too, that's a sweet deal

WeskerChildReborned2409d ago

That's not a bad deal even though i already have Prototype 1 downloaded and i pre ordered my copy of Prototype 2 a while back. :)