The Worst Eighth-Gen Remasters

In an industry that grows increasingly reliant on remasters, few were worth complaining about, making the original versions preferable in most respects.

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ZeekQuattro49d ago

Not sure what happened with FFCC. They really bungled it big time. It's a shame too.

FinalFantasyFanatic48d ago

I really wanted to play that one too, but after the demo I was disinterested in buying it.

ZeekQuattro47d ago

Glad Square really likes putting out demos. It can help you dodge a bullet. Lol

Rangerman120849d ago

To this day, the Crystal Chronicles remaster still left me with a sour taste. I really wondered how Square reacted to the feedback.

porkChop49d ago

I thought the Prototype games had terrible graphics even when they first came out. Pretty crazy that the remasters essentially got nothing in the way of visual upgrades. A resolution bump. Yay.

Christopher49d ago

Let alone Activision kept those prices at release price for a year before they even thought to reduce them in a sale.

Petebloodyonion48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

To me, this topic is pretty easy to answer as I recall laughing at loud when Bethesda announced that PPL on consoles (Xbox1 and Ps4) would need to buy Skyrim Special edition and it would be free for existing pc Owner because it was basically the same game at max setting.
I often gave this answers to numerous ppl who where happy about paying 40$ for cheap remaster that would have been free on PC by saying everybody wins PC players gets the upgrade for free because they never paid in the past for quick fix that a mod of graphics card could do and Consoles players get to pay because they love paying and defend the practice of paying (like the numerous I have a VHS tape of the movie why don't they give me a free DVD version).

So for me, any crappy Remasters that deserve to be on this list are the ones that only give a frame boost and resolution boost for a full-price experience from the previous generation. Now ill exclude compilations like Batman, Uncharted Trilogy, Bioshock Trilogy, etc. because they were actually giving you more than 1 game so I'll count them as a collection instead of remasters Nor should I included games that have complete remade graphics or add new playable elements (Metro 2033 Redux, Quake, Gears of War Ultimate)

Since there are too many games ill give some example that comes to mind: Heavy Rain Remaster, The Last of US remaster, God of War 3 remasters, Burnout Paradise city Remaster, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. Baja: Edge of Control HD, etc.

Again my main complaint here (has it was last gen) is that these kinds of remastering are now free (called performance patches now) but were sold at a premium price despite having almost no work to put in.