More hats: rewarding players for playing

The POW Block writes: "Multiplayer modes in video games are normally hit or miss with its fan base. However, I have been seeing a recurring trend in games that tend to do multiplayer ‘right’. These games implement a reward system that hooks its users with something that they actually care about."

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NosoleeToxin3161d ago

I agree with most of this article. I was worried about multiplayer in mass effect but they pulled it off. Though I don't ever seem Microsoft giving you anything for achievements.

Andrew Wiggin3161d ago

Mass Effect's multiplayer is really good. I hope that more games emulate its style in the console space.

Fragger2k83160d ago

I'd rather not have every multiplayer game consist solely of a "horde mode". =P While it can be fun, it doesn't take too long for it to get old, and should pretty much only be used alongside other game types. At least, that's what I think.

Whenever I purchase Mass Effect 3, yea, I'll probably play the heck out of the multiplayer, but with that being the only online game type, it's pretty limiting. They definitely did a good job with what is there, but I would have rather had an extended development time and had them at least include a full co-op mode in addition to it. Even just a simple drop-in drop-out co-op in the campaign would have been awesome.

antz11043159d ago

^ Wait a minute, have you even played it yet? I think it compliments the single player extremely well and if you have a few friends playing it can be a great time.

Hitster3161d ago

Exactly, and that's why I don't really care about achievements.

dedicatedtogamers3160d ago

The game itself should be fun enough to "reward" you with its fun. Achievements/Trophies, to me, are best in a game that you already love because they give you some unique distractions to pass the time, but Achievements/Trophies never make a bad game good.