Comparison Between Real-Life and the CRYSIS Engine

Its amazing how much gaming has evolved in just 12 short years of 3D technology. The picture compares real life and the CRYSIS Engine. At this moment CRYSIS is only confirmed for PC, but it was recently reported that Crytek Studios are also considering to use their engine on next-gen console games.

Check out the story image attached below.

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TheMART6201d ago

Whow that looks really close to reality. It will come to 360 also for sure. Are looking forward games using it. Als the engine of Halo 3 and Gears of War also are real eyecandy

Scythesean6201d ago

Does anyone remember when they did something like this for Grand Turismo 3 or some games a few years back. They show how nice everything looks but when the game is running sure everything looks pretty but then you was stuck to just certain areas. It's nice to see with get that High Quality look with game play.

Jay da 2KBalla6201d ago

GT3 was for the ps2 which was the weakest console of this generation and plus crytek may just be a really talented devlopment company.

Gamer136201d ago

Can,t wait to play this game on my 360 are the new pc are Hardware thats needed to run this amazing looking game.

Lucidmantra6201d ago

WHY are you people still talking about playing it on your 360? And whoever filed this report and put MULTI was idiotic. It is for PC ... at the current time.

Anerythristic266201d ago

It is confirmed for 360. I think you can check that in print in the April Game Informer magazine if that is available in your area. They even had an approximate release date for 360 in the preview.

shotty6201d ago

This game is from the makers of Far cry. So we know it will come for the xbox 360 atleast aswell and maybe the ps3.

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