Next Crysis Enhanced Edition Update will improve graphics, new screenshots

The team behind one of the best graphical mods for the original Crysis, Crysis Enhanced Edition, has detailed its next update.

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camel_toad539d ago (Edited 539d ago )

I'll get some disagrees for this but I didn't like Crisis. Most of the powers were underwhelming for one thing. And if you wanted to play it stealthily with a long-range silencer you were just about guaranteed to not get the upgrade orbs since they disappeared so quickly.

It basically forced you to play the way they wanted you to play.

camel_toad539d ago (Edited 539d ago )

I had to look it up but their called "nano catalyst" and they were for suit upgrades/unlocking suit modules.

But if you wanted these very important things you had to run in and grab them because they disappeared quickly.

Vegamyster539d ago

That was only in Crysis 2 which was a pretty linear game, there was very few long range engagements.

porkChop539d ago

The nano catalyst was in Crysis 2, not the original game.

camel_toad539d ago

Ah yeh ok. Honestly they're all kind of a blur. I don't even remember if there was a 3rd one... Now that you have cleared that up for me I know it's part 2 that I didn't like, but I don't remember loving the first one either even though I had a high end pc at the time, of course no one could run it as well as it should have been.

PrinceOfAnger539d ago

Did you even play the first game ?
you can play crysis like a stealth game and do tactics or an action one
you have options

camel_toad539d ago (Edited 539d ago )

Yeh I remember skydiving down onto the beach at night. That and running around holding asian dudes as human shields until they got shot up or I threw or punched them. That's about all I remember. I think I was underwhelmed by the series as a whole tbh.

But yeh I was apparently making my point about Crysis 2 because of the nano catalysts that disappeared, hampering ranged stealth options.

jivah538d ago

The first 2 were solid to me. The 2 that came after were consolized way too much to be enjoyable imo. 2 and 3. But the first 2 for me were golden and had a pretty good formula which was kind of lost. And by the 4th game was very much "wtf am I even playing." And never even bothered to finish it . I wouldn't mind a complete reimagining of the series though.

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Father__Merrin539d ago

I agree with Cameltoad

It's not that good it's got good visuals but that's it music score isn't too good weapons no good and kill physics are laughable. It's a relic of the Past that's made a good Internet meme I was glad I finished it on Origin and even more gladder to uninstall