Overhyped Games That Lived Up To Expectations

From Xfire: "Hyping up a video game is normal. It's the publisher's job to handle the marketing and release of the game. The better they are at handling that end, the more likely they will recoup the money they invested towards the development of the game. Unfortunately, publishers tend to overdo their job, overselling the game so that it commands the audience's attention to drive sales."

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UnSelf485d ago

You mean hyped games that lived up to expectation. If it’s overhyped, it didn’t meet it

jwillj2k4485d ago

Not necessarily. Cyberpunk was overhyped prior to release. The expectations grew out of control, way passed what was accomplished up til that point. It is the epitome of an overhyped, underdelivered product.

OtterX485d ago

That's exactly what UnSelf just said.

Cyberpunk was overhyped, as it didn't live up to expectations. If a game DOES live up to expectations, then it was simply hyped, not overhyped.

jwillj2k4485d ago (Edited 485d ago )


Not what I mean, cyberpunk could have lived up to all DEVELOPER expectations, meeting all DEVELOPER milestones while still failing to achieve unrealistic, aspirational FAN expectations. It’s more nuanced than just “oh it was hyped/overhyped”.

DJStotty485d ago

Cyberpunk failed to meet expectations, so will not be included here.

VerminSC485d ago

I’d also argue diablo 2. Even though it’s an old game

sourOG485d ago

God of War. I wasn’t sold on the new direction and thought the hype was lame. It ended up being my favorite game in a long time.

Same with the last of us 2. I thought the first was alright but I didn’t agree with general consensus that it’s the greatest game ever made. I didn’t have much expectation for the sequel and wrote off the hype as typical fanboy shit. It blew my expectations out of the water and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jay767485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

It’s sad that this list consists of mostly PlayStation games. This shows that PlayStation studio’s are on another level from most other game studio’s in the industry.

DJStotty485d ago

Bit of an oddly worded title?

A game can not be overhyped and at the same time meeting the expectations?

On topic, some great games in this list

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