What video game box art would look like if it hadn't changed in 30 years

Matt Cundy: Have you ever wondered what it would be like if video game box art hadn't changed in 30 years? No. I don't suppose you have. Why would you? You've got more important things to think about. But I haven't.

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ForROME2389d ago

Now this is a creative article

Crazyglues2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Wait a second, by a show of hands how many gamers here are even old enough to say they have been playing video games for the last 30 years...???

I don't even think half the gamers here can even claim that..

I first started with an Atari 2600 and I played joust first game ever..



zeeshan2389d ago

Absolutely amazing! Great stuff. Who ever designed it has done a wonderful job. Way to nail it man! THUMBS UP FOR THE DESIGNER!

@Crazyglues: The first game I played was on PC, a DOS based game and it was called Paratrooper and after that I believe I played Prince of Persia (the original one), DAVE and Frogger. And yes, I also played different games on Atari 2600 but I really don't remember all the names but from the top of my head PITFALL, JUNGLE BOY, SPACE INVADERS etc. Is that good enough for you?

Krugsy2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Man, I think my first was either Kings Quest on the Commodore 64 or Wonder Boy on the Sega Master System. Good memories. I also remember playing Leisure Suit Larry on the Commodore 64, thank goodness parents thought all games were appropriate in the 80s. Great article...really caught the vibe of retro game boxes.

Man, I loved these old Sega boxes.

MTEC82389d ago

First game, Tetris on Gameboy but first console game was Contra. Great article btw.

Crazyglues2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

@ Krugsy

OMG!! you just took me way back Commodore 64 came out in 1982 and cost $595 dollars and sold 17 million units -now back then that was huge...

That's a classic


yeah I can remember playing some Tetris on Gameboy, hated that screen... LMAO.. good times

Krugsy2389d ago


Yeah, lots of good memories with the C64. Impossible Mission, Golden Axe, Codename: Iceman, Police/Space/Kings Quest, Pitstop 2, World Games etc.

I honestly wish mine was still working so I could those bad boys a go.

ilikestuff2389d ago

mario on nintendo, our neighbor had a game genie, we borrowed it. it was an awesome time

izumo_lee2389d ago

@ Crayglues

i'm 32 & i remember a majority of the titles in the article. Man i feel old.

Anyways first game i played was a game called 'Combat' on the Atari 2600.


BitbyDeath2389d ago

Double Dragon on the Atari ST520.
Awesome system

hotrider122389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )


ok, i'll give it a shot..... very FIRST video game was INTELLIVISIONS "BURGER TIME". doo-li-de daala-doo-de-li-de-da-la-dooo


NoTheMama2389d ago

I remember playing & failing at my sister's Atari way back in the day. But it wasn't until I was 5 when we were at a family friends house that I turned....I wandered upstairs & discovered a Nes with Super Mario Bros switched on, but nobody was there playing. So I picked up the controller.......and here I am 21 years later! Loved it!

Majin-vegeta2389d ago

NES Super mario bros.1 :D

YoungKingDoran2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

my earliest recalled memories are from 1991, being 3 and playing Super Mario Bros.

off topic: also i apparently could finish mario 1 at 3 years of age (with warping i presume)
beat that babies

edit: just saw all the other mario 1 people.
strange us gamers have so much in common but we always just wanna fight and compare epenises... kinda like in my second paragraph lol.

MidnightSpecial2388d ago

Ah the old Commodore 64...Barbarian, Dizzy, Creatures, classic games. I loved that machine. Loved the artwork in the article!

krazeecain2388d ago

I started playing video games at a very young age so I can't quite remember which was first... but I think one of the more significant first games for me was Super Mario World for SNES. I must have beaten that game a dozen times back then...

ThatArtGuy2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Combat for the Atari 2600 in 1978, for home consoles. I played black and white arcade games before then.

AtomicGerbil2388d ago

My first game was a pong clone, don't recall the name of the console though.

The Atari 2600 came after that (still got it now), played River Raid for hours on end.

Matpan2388d ago


Green Beret for the C64 back in 86. I was 5. I remember how amazed I was. Steady gamer since the 8 bit era, though. Sega Fan (but secretly a nintendo admirer bacn in the 16 bits) :) mostly PC gamer all through the nineties... Ahh.. Good times! :D Graphic adventures :´)

Great article BTW!

MaxXAttaxX2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

They put Demon's Souls on a 360 box. No such thing exists.

Other than that, the art is great! I got a chuckle out of a some of these.

Kurt Russell2388d ago

Can't remember my first ever game, but it would have been on the ZX Spectrum... which at the time blew my mind! :D

Dark_Overlord2388d ago

Pong, and that was about 24 - 25 years ago :D

GTRrocker2388d ago

Duck hunt andsuper Mario bros on new. It was my older bros.

Crazyglues2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

OMG! Awesome, all these comments I can't even answer all of them... you guys are awesome, you brought back some serious memeories...

Like someone said INTELLIVISION OMG!! I remember that system, the controller with the wheel, OMG, I hated that thing... LMAO.. when you come from joystick on 2600 it's hard to like anything else..LoL

So many Super Nes - Mario baby's, Awesome first game - you guys are really lucky if that was your first because that was an awesome game to start off on.. - you guys probably have high expectations for video games..

Compared to what I started out on, that was a Master Piece... LoL

I bubbled up everyone who replied - that was Awesome to Read, and I read every single one.. Good Times people, good times.. -_-


jeseth2388d ago

My first game ever was Jumpman on PC in the Mid 80's. My Grandfather worked for IBM and I used to love going over there to play on it because they were the only people around that had a desktop home PC back then.

Other than that I played just about every game they had that came on those old floppy discs.

Then Nintendo came out shortly after and from there is history.

Jumpman. Game was awesome!

KrimsonKody2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I think my 1st game was some art & learning game on Socrates.
After that, came that horse game on Atari, the one where you rope the other black, white & brown horses (never did get the name of that game).

One of nt fondest memories was being 9 or 10 years old, beating teenagers in Street Fighter 2 (The World Warrior & the true turbo edition, where you can throw multiple fireballs & 'jump the screen')
As I got a little older, I would arcade-hop, destroying all that's in my way, from World Heroes, Martial Champion, Toshiden to Soul Edge, Darkstalkers to Fatal Fury (speaking of, WHY have'nt they made more 2 player tagteam fighters like the arcade Fatal Fury?)

& my Dad owned a shop with a Street Fighter cabinet, & for different holidays, he would go inside & adjust the specs to reflect the holidays, (Christmas = snowballs for fireballs, or fireworks for Independence Day, pumpkins for Halloween, etc.)

Boy, oh, boy
Sooo many memories...

Perjoss2388d ago

I have been gaming for about 32 years :)

Highlife2388d ago

Bomb squad on intellivsion with the voice adapter was my first game. Second was Burger time. Loved burger time.

memots2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I am 37. I have been gaming since i am 4.

Had the Texas ranger. A pong like game system with a cowboy gun where you could shoot at Squares bouncing around.

Then had Commodore , vic 20 , Atari , Coleco vision , The list keeps on going. Never stopped gaming.

Wh15ky2388d ago

I'm so old I even recognised Maria Whitaker on the Soul Calibur V cover.

Not sure what my very first video game was but the first one I really loved was Q-Bert on my 2600, I also used to love Nifty Lifty on my mates Spectrum.

mynameisEvil2388d ago

While I'm definitely not old enough to have been playing games 30 years ago, at least I play games from that era. I'm 15 and I own an Odyssey, an Atari 2600, a NES, a SNES, a TurboGrafx-16, and I HAD a MS-DOS computer (which broke and was replaced by DOSBox).

Of course, I also have myself a top of the line PC, a PS3, and I semi-broken (yes, semi-broken...) 360 that I don't play anymore.

If you ask me about any game console, I can tell you all about it, too, as well as what the flagship games were, etc. I'm not too well educated on the terms of the PCs from the '80s and early '90s, but I do know about the Commodores and the Amigas and such.

So, why not everyone has been playing games for 30 years, let alone ALIVE for that long, there's always that opportunity to be taken back to a past that we never knew and kind of live in it, if only for a while. With that said, I enjoyed this article due to the accuracy of these covers.

That is all.

KwietStorm2388d ago

Nightstalker - Intellivision

Nevers2388d ago

LOL... yeah... I doubt a majority of posters on N4G have been playing for 30yrs either.

~ @ other's house

MacIntosh tower computer - Maze
PC - Buck Rogers
Atari - Frogger or Qbert

~1st console I owned

NES - Mario/Duckhunt

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TruthSeeker2389d ago

The Red Dead Redemption boxart wasnt
half bad!

TVippy2388d ago

I didn't suspect Games Radar was such a garbage. Every time I clicked on the next pic, an ad popped up!

DrJones2388d ago

Same here. A disgrace !

memots2388d ago

guys just install Ad-block, Its free and works great.

mynameisEvil2388d ago

"Ads still exist?" -- Ad-Block user

AtomicGerbil2389d ago

Love it, I forgot how naff the old box art was. Although at the time my teenage mind appreciated the Barbarian offering, the game wasn't bad either if my memory serves me correctly.

ziggurcat2389d ago

pretty hilarious, but it's an egregious error to have put demons souls on an X360 box...

thrasherv32389d ago

I agree. Same with ME3 :/

thrasherv32388d ago

What I meant was it has the wrong box :/

irepbtown2388d ago

Mass Effect 3 is on XBOX, PS3 and PC,
Demon souls is ONLY on PS3.

Hence it was wrong to put Demon souls on the xbox, box...

ChocolateGiddyUp2389d ago

"The cowboy dude on this old Atari 2600 box-art even looks like Red Dead's John Marston."

He looks even more like Josey Wales.

aDDicteD2389d ago

nicely done retro box arts