Atomic: Darksiders II interview – Puzzling the line between frustration and fun

Atomic: Producer Jay Fitzloff talks candidly about PC specifics and challenges, RPG integration, and horsemen’s manes…

"So that’s the hardest thing to balance: making sure that we’re not overpowering you too early, or if you do find an item, it might have a level requirement, and if you’re not at that level yet, that’s kind of a way to balance it out. Oh, but here’s what I was going to say. So a lot of those elements, what they really are doing is taking the same tenants that we had and making them deeper. Like, when you think about Darksiders I and Darksiders II, what it breaks down to is combat, traversal platforming, puzzle solving. That’s the game, and Darksiders II is the same general percentage, if you were to break down what percentage that is, Darksiders II is about the same percentage as Darksiders I, but all of those towers, or whatever you want to call them, are deeper. They’re bigger."

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