Mass Effect 3's Ending and Shepard Indoctrination Theory

Bag Of Games disects the apocalyptic ending to Mass Effect 3 and details some rumours of The Shepard Indoctrination Theory.

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crxss2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

let's not give bioware credit for something they did unintentionally. this theory came about due to the actual endings being so terrible. the fact that people are still trying to rationalize the endings/make them sound better than they are is proof of how this beloved series came to an unfortunate end.

and honestly it's kind of sad how people are reassuring themselves that the game was better than it was. heck i've done it, but there's no point anymore. Bioware knows the problem (ridiculius how they did not see this coming during development) and we just have to wait to see how/if they deal with it.

FlashBack2394d ago

I am totally sure there is something more to the ending:


There are a lot of clues that can't be unintentional. The trees before the beam weren't there before shepard got it, they just appeared there.

The whole nonsense of what happened up there.

Major Something says no one got to the beam, everyone died.

In one of the endings you can see shepard wake up on the ground.

crxss2394d ago

if it was an indoctrination that means that Shepard wakes up before getting to the beam having broken free from it... and then what? were we given an incomplete game with no actual ending? nonsense.

- don't remember any trees appearing, so no comment
- the whole nonsense that occurred on the citadel was just that, poor story telling.
- no one did get to the beam, until you did. so that statement was correct.
- and it's impossible to tell where Shepard actually is when he gasps from the rubble.

jakethesnake2394d ago

I think the biggest is that Anderson never bleeds despite the fact that you shoot him, but clearly Shep is bleeding in the exact spot. Too much to be a coincidence or lazy game design.

krazykombatant2394d ago

I couldn't avoid the damn spoilers on the entire Internet, soo i pretty much saw the endings and caught myself up with thie indoctrination theory.

Watch the video.

FlashBack2394d ago


3- Anderson did, if he was up there, he got there first, so no.

crxss2394d ago


Anderson said he got to the beam after you did.

FlashBack2394d ago

ah , you're right, I was almost sure he said " I must have gotten here before you "

anyway, how did he get to the panel first? how did the illusive man get there?

crxss2394d ago

@flashback bad writing, that's how lol

OmegaSlayer2394d ago

Many doesn't point that there is a tank where Shep is hit by the beam and a structure "in the citadel" that is exactly like a Earth Force tank.

sllshrm2393d ago

Stop with this bad writing BS

There are so many fucking clues. The writers of one of the best stories in video game history cannot make such horrible mistakes..

Don't you think someone must've pointed out the loopholes? Writers? Testers? Programmers?

As to the clues:
Why does grass appear when there wasn't any in the first place?
Where are his squadmates?
How did anderson reach to the top without anyone knowing (they considered the team dead and somehow no-one noticed anderson and shephard running towards conduit...dafuq?)
How did illusive man reach the top?
How did he make shephard shoot anderson?
Why is catalyst the same fking child we see throughout the game?
Why shephard isnt shown breathing in control and synthesis option?
(I'm gonna stop here)

Don't tell me this is bad writing....there's clearly more to this...

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kma2k2394d ago

at the end of the day even if they wrap up the ending perfectly with true sendoffs to all the characters & make everything make sense & everything is all perfect...we will still have to pay $10 for the ending that should have been on the F'ing disc to being with. If they truly go this route i will have NOTHING to do with DLC to buy the true ending to a game!

2394d ago