Best Buy's Biggest Trade In Event Ever Happening Now As Well

Trendy Gamers: We reported yesterday that Gamestop is currently holding their biggest trade in event ever and it looks like Best Buy wanted to get in on the action because they are offering their biggest trade in event ever.

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Dante1122519d ago

Nice, I might just take advantage of this.

Major_Nelson2519d ago

Better get off my backside and get down there
I'll trade in my 360 for a Duelshock 3
I really need a new PS3 pad

TrendyGamers2519d ago

The deal is only valid on the games, not the system. Unless you meant you were trading in Xbox 360 games?

Virus2012519d ago

For Powerup Reward members, you also get the 10%. So that would also add up to 60%.

Today I traded in Saints Row The Third and WWE 12 and received 32 dollars for each game.
I used that to reserve Max Payne 3.

TrendyGamers2519d ago

Not bad. Were there any other people taking advantage of the deal when you were there?

Virus2012519d ago

I went early and there wasn't any other customers there. However I told my brother about the offer and he is heading over there after he gets off work.

vega2752519d ago

i hope i can go to best buy to trade in my ps3 soon. i really don't want to go to gamestop with it cause it's way out of the way for me and best buy is closer to me. fingers crossed

Led-Zeppelin2519d ago

Obvious troll is obvious.

vega2752519d ago

Why???? Cause I want to trade in my ps3 which I don't use. Would you have prefer me say something like "I'm trading my 360" would that make me get agrees and bubbles and be apart of the sonyfanboy in crowd?

arnyftw2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

The guy two posts above says hes trading in his xbox, he gets more agree's than disagree's.
vega275 says hes trading his ps3, he gets called a troll and gets a constant stream of disagrees.
This is the sad state of n4g.

LuCifer8452519d ago

seems like a good deal but i think only extra 50% credit when you trade in games toward a pre order

TrendyGamers2519d ago

Nope, you'll get store credit and you don't have to put it towards a pre-order at all.

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