Best Buy Black Friday Ad 2020 Revealed

Daily Video Game writes: "While Black Friday 2020 is still a few weeks away, it looks like it's time for Best Buy to reveal its ad for Black Friday 2020. As expected, Best Buy does not disappoint us this year."

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EazyC447d ago

Good luck getting your hands on this...

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seanpitt23446d ago

Yeah scalpers are going to have a lot of profits this year because sony and the retailers messed up the Preorders

Babadook7446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

Sony didn’t really mess it up. The retailers did. Sony did generate interest more than usual though, and that helps the scalpers.

neutralgamer1992447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

will wait till next year when horizon comes out because right now too much nonsense to be able to get one. Here's what i don't understand in 2020 why can't stores take pre orders and put us in que and give us the consoles when it's our turn/they come available. This is the best way to stop scalpers

elazz447d ago

Scalpers will be able to take up all the queue spots endlessly. Only manual verification can help unless these stores invest in some specialized measures. They should have virtual registers with people so they can verify you're a real person.

Kavorklestein447d ago

Make it so pre orders are done fully over then phone instead maybe?

ocelot07447d ago

Or you must pay for your pre order in advance.

MyCool446d ago

Here in Canada my electronics store was only doing in-store pre orders, which is how it should be I think

Valkron1446d ago

Scalpers will always find a way. If Sony or MS really cared they could allocate their first units and make them available to members with an online account over a year old. It's just easier for them to let us fight for them 🙄

Lionsguard447d ago

They may as well advertise a flying unicorn.

SullysCigar447d ago

They'll be more common in stores than PS5 this Black Friday lol

Outlawzz447d ago

Too many games to play to be stressing over next gen

Fist4achin446d ago

True, plus I'm sure my backlog will grow a little with the holiday season deals coming up. For me, cold weather and increased stick time go hand in hand!

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The story is too old to be commented.