Best Buy has some of the best Nintendo Switch games discounted down to just $45 right now

Own a Nintendo Switch? Looking to add some new games to your library? If you answered yes to both these questions, then Best Buy has something for you.

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bloodyspasm923d ago

"Just €45"
it's admirable that Nintendo rarely drops their prices, but as a gamer, it's really expensive to buy all their first party titles :D

IanTH923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

100% - though I don't find it admirable at all lol.

Their "Evergreen" strategy for game pricing is one of the handful of gripes I have with my Switch. There are titles I'm interested in, but I'm not convinced enough to drop $45-60 on. And since I like to keep my game purchases, resale doesn't figure in to the equation for me. My Switch library is rather thin, and value is mostly to do with it. My money just goes further on my other gaming platforms. And after 3 years, still no "Selects" line in sight. It's a bummer.
I miss Reward Zone - could get games for more reasonable prices with the 20% discount on top of any normal discounts, and occasional $5-10 coupons on top of that. Made these kinds of things an easier pill to swallow.

bloodyspasm917d ago

The good part is that Nintendo games really hold their value on the 2nd hand market. If you buy physical, you can beat the games and sell them later without losing too much money. compared to Ubisoft where Just Dance 2021 and Watch Dogs Legion only JUST released and they're already discounted by 40%