Microsoft Research Labs helping Lionhead refine Fable 2

Developer - By Michael French, January 4, 2008:

The Microsoft boffins that helped devise Xbox Live's TrueSkill ranking system and the Forza Drivatar AI training are helping Lionhead and Rare devise and test new gameplay concepts.

Specifically, Microsoft Research Labs in Cambridge is working on Lionhead's ambitious Fable 2 and its 'one button fighting' system.

Microsoft's Cambridge Research Lab is also working with Rare on its upcoming games.

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MUNKYPOO4037d ago

they need to hurry up and bring this game out. i cant wait any longer

predator4037d ago

i wonder what they are helping Rare with (which game)

gogators4037d ago

They have been awfully quite lately. Hopefully MS is going to do FASA on them. God, I hope Smith and Tinker has something to show at the GDC too.

heyheyhey4037d ago

im not liking the combat system so far but hey it could work out ok

InMyOpinion4037d ago

Have you played the game?

Zhuk4037d ago

With the award winning geniuses at Microsoft Research Labs working on Fable 2, I have no doubt that it will be yet another AAA title Only on Xbox 360

predator4037d ago

yo man, keep them posts coming, just laughed for the first time today. nice 1

Highwayman3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Microsoft research labs?!?! You realize that it's Lionhead who created Fable...Not MS..
Of course MS helps and all, but it's Lionhead that's behind it all.

big04037d ago

The combat system sounds very interesting deep but simple.

TheHater4037d ago

you never played Fable? it is one of the best Western RPG in my mind. And I can't wait for the second one. When is it coming out, this year right?

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