Fable: The Greatest Game Concept That Never Was

The Fable series is one of our favorite gaming franchises. Heres what we want from the rumoured sequel

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ColdSin348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

Microsoft announced Fable Legends at Gamescom 2013, not E3 2013. I'd like for the new Fable to have the same artstyle as Fable Legends.

Zoned348d ago

Thanks for that. I agree, definitely like the art style, but that's it. Nobody wanted Fable Legends!

moongrim348d ago

How about Fable II Remastered for the pc please?!

RavenTears348d ago

I would honestly buy the Xbox series S just for Fable 2 remastered or a remake.

moongrim348d ago

I've never played it so I'm like dying over here.

Zoned348d ago

Fable II was probably the best of the series. It had its flaws but overall was definitely a step in the right direction. Fable III was a huge misstep in comparison

RaidenBlack348d ago

I was disgusted with Fable III

RaidenBlack348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

Yeah ... its an odd situation ain't it?
MS released Fable 1, Fable 3 and Fable 1 Remastred for PC.
Skipping the best one in the franchise.
Same goes for Gears: GoW, GoW Remastered, Gears 4 and Gears 5 are on PC.
And Halo: The entire Halo MCC and Halo Infinite will be on PC. But no Halo 5.

Zoned347d ago

Definitely agree but you lost me with Halo 5. That was my least favourite Halo game (out of the Halo numbered titles)

RaidenBlack347d ago

Yea, same here. Only liked the visuals of Halo 5 (that too on an One X, it doesn't look that good on the One S)

But what I meant was, MS is releasing every Halo game on PC from 1 to Infinite, except 5. Which is a bit odd.
Coz the free Halo 5-Forge was quite popular in PC community during its release.

porkChop347d ago

I never got to play it because I sold my 360. It should have been remastered.

The only thing I can think of is if after the release of Fable Anniversary they decided to take the series in a different direction. They might not want the new game to be associated with the older ones.

sushimama348d ago

Well lets hope Microsoft are going to announce a new Fable. The MS fans deserve a great Fable game. If it is announced and the gameplay looks cool, this might convince me to get, at least a Series S. It would be my very first Xbox console.

Zoned348d ago

I would definitely buy an Xbox Series X if a 'proper' Fable sequel were to be revealed!

RgR347d ago

You mean Fable fans.
Don't have to be an MS fan to want Fable but you definitely need to be a Fable fan to want a new Fable game.

RgR347d ago

Kicking chickens! That was fun....hope modern society doesn't ruin it for a next installment.

chiefJohn117348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

Hell no Fable legends is NOT what we wanted.
Fable 2 is what we want outta Fable. Remake Fable 2 please.

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The story is too old to be commented.