5 must play classics available with Xbox Game Pass

Erina Rose, "Xbox Game Pass gives you access to plenty of games and is available for as little as $1.00 for the first month. We've found 5 classic games you must play. "

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franwex1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Interesting. I’ve e never played this series and just downloaded the 1st game. I was gonna have a Fable marathon this weekend.

CrimsonIdol1278d ago

Dunno about Perfect Dark Zero on that list. I didn't mind it, it impressed me to some extent at the time, but "the true soul successor" to Golden Eye? Obviously that's gotta be the original Perfect Dark (which was also on the 360). And the spiritual successors to that would have to be the Timesplitters games. Perfect Dark Zero had a huge let-down of a multiplayer mode and a fair let down of a singleplayer too. Kameo was under-appreciated though as far as Rare Xbox games go.

Poopmist1278d ago

Ruiner is overlooked but well worth playing on gamepass.