Cashcom, or How I Learned to Start Blaming Myself

Trevor of - "I have been a devoted Capcom fan since I was a child. I was raised on Mega Man (X is still my favorite game ever), Resident Evil, and of course Street Fighter. Plus, let’s not forget their fantastic work on Disney platformers (Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers, Ducktails, Aladdin)."

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Lubu3097d ago

Capcom is responsible for one of my All Time Favorite RPGs: Destiny Of An Emperor on the NES. It's where my avatar comes from. JRPGs at their finest.

TooTall193097d ago

I can't get into Capcom games anymore. They went from being leaders to followers.

Lelldorianx3097d ago

You make some really solid points, but I think many of them can be cross-linked to other former-leaders as well, unfortunately.

arcsoft3097d ago

Yeah, it seems to be a problem with bigger companies. I guess that's why we see such a big wave of support for indie titles nowadays.