Reading between the lines: Why BioWare still isn't changing the ending of Mass Effect 3

GameZone's Alex Osborn writes, "Am I missing something or is the gaming community at large misinterpreting the recent letter released by BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka? Ever since his response to the outcry against the ending of Mass Effect 3 hit the web, the internet has been ablaze with reports that BioWare has agreed to change the ending. Nowhere in Muzkya's response to the fans does he ever use the word "change", "alter", or anything else along those lines."

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alexcosborn2520d ago

I think it's really important that gamers understand the difference between "changing" and "clarifying".

As far as I can see, it doesn't look like BioWare will be changing the ending, but rather building upon it with additional content.

Interactive epilogue anyone?

Main_Street_Saint2520d ago

Actually I think that was their plan from the get-go.

alexcosborn2520d ago

It's definitely possible. Those guys are BioWare are pretty smart :)

alexcosborn2520d ago

Maybe they'll bring on Dark Horse Comics to do something like they did for the PS3 version of ME2. Could be pretty cool.

Main_Street_Saint2519d ago

That's why all the people who were crying should have stopped and really thought things through. As one person observed the whole game is actually an ending.

V1ncent1Zer02519d ago

At last, some perspective. It is not in any creative body's interest to cave in to negative reactions to their own intellectual property. That will be self-defeating in the long run for not only this franchise, but for anything else they turn to next. Bioware will have to ride the storm out. Learn from it, address concerns now for ME3 through whatever appropriately expansive media they have at their disposal, be it a DLC or whatever. But should not change the present ending. Let it stand, as is, for good or ill.

V1ncent1Zer02519d ago

It will be interesting to see what expansive gameplay DLC they will bring to the table, considering the narrative constraints in force within ME3 i.e. the war. Hence the easy go-fetch sidequests. They don't have the latitude they allowed themselves in ME2- "Suicide mission? Don't think I'll rush into that. Thank God EDI has found an anomaly! "

DemonStration2519d ago

At this point I'd be happy with them just plugging up the plot holes.