Was The Mass Effect 3 Ending Really That Bad?

Player Affinity writes: "Honestly, internet, what’s all the fuss about? Did Commander Shepard wake up and realize it’s all a dream? Did Shepard transform into a gigantic human-shaped Reaper and kung fu fight the Reaper King? Did Liara peel off a face mask revealing that she’s really been Nihlus in disguise all along, and everything in the whole trilogy has been part of his cunning plan for galactic domination “And you walked right into trap, Shepard”. Honestly, was the ending of Mass Effect 3 really THAT bad?"

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RedDead2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Yes imo.


"To stop synthetics from destroying life...we synthetics come back and wipe out most life"

The geth and quarians? They did not matter at all it seems. Even though Synthetics(geth)were not the ones on the offensive against life, the quarians were at fault. EDI was agaisnt life? **** no not at all.

It's all BS anyway imo. The indoctrination theory ending is the only thing that does completely **** the whole 3 games/ The reapers were only destroying life so other synthetics would not? BS

Also, why would the reapers give a choice of 3? Why can't you simply destroy the reapers alone? And why is the reaper so strongly against that? That is not the 'bad' thing to do, only in the last 10 mins does that become 'bad'. It doesn't make sense to me anyhow. I also don't know why Shepard rolled over and took that BS up the anus from the god child. It was so retarded.

Again if this was indoctrination it would make perfect sense as to why what was happening was retarded and makes no sense but whatever. Also as to why going against the reapers was so 'bad' and painted that the REAPER ****ing leader apparently...Also, what the hell did the catalyst do to change the reapers mind? Also, why the hell does the crucible get destroyed if the Reaper leader is showing you what to do and giving you a choice? Did the reapers just try to destroy it? What was the leader up too if he's the one controlling them and letting you decide on the fate of life and synthetic?(gets destroyed if you wait to long)

And finally, If and ONLY If you choose to destroy get an image of Shepard waking up among some rubble and a blue he was actually dreaming.(thus beating indoctrination that harbinger just tried to finally let it kick in)

OmegaSlayer2399d ago

No, Indoc theory is good and as it is proving is shocking and makes Sheppard human and flawed instead of Chuck Norris.

But the game needs a conclusive ending.