Soldier of Fortune Producer Explains "Low-Violence" Option

MTV Multiplayer's Tracey John writes:

"After finding Soldier of Fortune: Payback among my stack of games that were released around that time, I noticed something interesting advertised on the box … specifically, a low-violence option."

"Since the Soldier of Fortune games have been known for their excessive violence, I was curious as to why they would advertise the low violence option (was it to appease parents or entice gamers?). I e-mailed Activision to see what it was all about, and I got a response from Producer Dan Gniady of Slovak Republic-based developer Cauldron HQ during the holiday break."

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k2d4034d ago

I'd just like to quote dear Kojima-san:
"If you don’t see the pain, you can’t understand what you’ve done, and you’ll pass through battles without taking responsibility for your actions. I don’t want to ignore that. I want players to think, even if it’s just a little, about what violence and war are."

Komrad4034d ago

see, the low violence option is not the problem with SOF:Payback. Its the suck factor stuck on 11, and we can't turn it down... thats the problem with SOF:Payback.