Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of March 2nd

US Games

* Major League Baseball 2K8
* Army of Two
* MLB 08: The Show

EU Games

* Army of Two
* MX vs ATV: Untamed
* Dynasty Warriors 6
* Blacksite Area 51
* Soldier of Fortune: Payback
* Battle for the Pacific (History Channel)

Asian Games

* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
* Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan (Yakuza 3)

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sonarus4852d ago

alright lets see how yakuza 3 can help ps3 sales for the week. PS3 sales have been very low lately in JP so they do need this boost. They need to creep back up into the 40,000 range and they need to stay there and cruise there for a while. Would help if sony wasnt just holding on to key titles like white knight story.

From the looks of it army of two is going to be a rental for me. When they first showed the game about 2 yrs ago it looked mad awesome but now it just looks ok.

TheExecutive4852d ago

My prediction for army of 2 is about a 7.3.

Yakuza is going to sell well in JP. MLB:08 is going to sell well too

ruibing4852d ago

I think the only metacritic review right now has it at 7.5 for single player and 8.5 for co-op.

heyheyhey4852d ago

yeah that was PSM3

but they gave the review before the delay using a review copy that came without the modifications of the delay

so they will probably have to alter the review based on the improved version

they said it was nothing new, but really fun if you played it through with a mate

Violater4852d ago

once upon a time 7-8/10 was a good score.

Bazookajoe_834852d ago

Army of two, Dynasty warrior 6 and maybe one more =) Nice to see some coop games, it´s not every day...

ISA_Scum4852d ago

Army of Two is a first day purchase. I WANT YAKUZA!!!

Neurotoxin4852d ago

Army of Two will be complete tosh on the PS3, Dev Says the gameplay will be identical to the 360. Graphically i can see it being very poor compared to 360, frame drops and general poor porting. Ea + Unreal Engine = Crap.

I don`t want it to be right, its just a realist outlook on it.

PirateThom4852d ago

To be fair, it'll probably be complete crap on both consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.