Atomic: Darksiders II preview - PC is the lead platform

Atomic: Darksiders II is set to push the Darksiders formula to new heights.

"While we were playing Darksiders II on an Xbox 360 build of the game, Jay was all too eager to let me have a look at the PC version that he was carrying around with him on his Alienware laptop. He only showed me a couple of minutes of gameplay, but the art design—one of the most notable components of the series—was particularly lush on PC. Best of all, Jay told me that the PC was their lead platform for Darksiders II. In fact, he admitted that the PC was also the platform they started with for the original Darksiders, even though the PC version of the first game was released some eight months after the consoles got it."

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bobrea2494d ago

"Lead platform" doesn't mean a damn thing. Graphics on PC will always be better, but thats not because it's the "lead platform." The game will be the same (besides graphics,) all across the board.

NachosWithCheese2494d ago

PC as a lead platform is really important in this day and age because multiplatform developers tend to forget at how much better things can/should look on it and port it from a console version.

Letros2494d ago

It's likely the lead platform out of familiarity, these guys have been using this engine creating their PC mmo since before darksiders.