The Mass Effect 3 Ending Controversy: Despite Having Three Choices, Gamers Cannot Win

Yahoo! Voices writes: "No, I think that the ending(s) we got are exactly what the developers of Mass Effect 3 wanted us to see. There are many reasons why these ending(s) didn't resonate with gamers: there was little difference between them, the catalyst (pun intended) of the final choice came completely out of left field, and each of the three options Shepard was forced to contend with offered little hope of salvation. However, I believe the biggest reason fans have reacted so strongly to the Mass Effect 3 ending is simple: gamers are not accustomed to losing."

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AtomicGerbil2399d ago

It's not the outcome that's the problem....... you know what? I can't be bothered anymore.

tigertron2399d ago

The whole damn thing is the problem. The reasons, the plotholes, the choice, the outcome - all of it.

MasterD9192399d ago

I'm wondering how are they going to handle DLC post-game? Essentially you'll be repeating the last 6-8 hours or so before the final scene just to play the DLC. Doesn't bother me too much but it seems inefficient.

DeadSpaced2399d ago

there are reasons for this happening at the end.It could be they dont want another game because of many diffrent reasons and i like mass effect greatly but maybe its time they leave in a bang

bangoskank2399d ago

Not everybody has finished the f***ing game! How many god damn articles do I have to ignore until some idiot spoils it in the header? Start a thread in a forum somewhere, title it "Let's Discuss How Much We Hate ME3's Ending", and let that be the end of it. What a bunch of whining little bitches. I was looking forward to finishing the trilogy but all this bs has made me lose interest. Thanks, A$$holes.

FCOLitsjustagame2399d ago


um didn't every single ending have you defeat the reapers in one way or another? Even the worst possible ending (assuming you can pick one as worse possible). I think if we had an ending were we did actually lose that would have been a step up.

Having a character die is not losing if you achieve the goal. That is not the problem with the endings. I think bad writing, inexplicable events, no closure and the same cutscenes with different colors for each choice are more of the problem.

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