Kingdom Hearts 3D Doesn't Need Lightning

GamingUnion: "There's a ton of silly images going around of Lightning being in Kingdom Hearts 3D. These accounts are all false as far as we know. But if it were to be true, Lightning's presence would only serve to be detrimental."

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VanillaBear3381d ago

She better not be

That depressing, bland b*tch dosen't belong in a KH game, the game is too cheery and happy. Squall and Cloud worked well since they are popular characters

Besides why they want to shove FF13 related stuff down our throats when they know the majority of Sqaure fans don't like FF13.

God imagine if Hope/Vanille were in it <shivers>

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3381d ago

That was a bit extreme don't ya think?

She was boring though.

Summons753381d ago

depressing bland b*tch....that is could, Lightning wasn't depressing at all she would be perfect for the game. If anyone should not be in the game it's cloud he is extremely depressing, ff7 unenjoyable because of him. Kefka and Terra and or Locke would be a great edition seeing ff6 was amazing

iamtehpwn3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

"depressing bland b*tch....that is could, Lightning wasn't depressing at all she would be perfect for the game."

It is hard to say Lightning is depressing for Kingdom Hearts when you consider the characters of Squall ("Leon") and Cloud in KHI and II, lets just be fair. Although her back story was lacking, Lightning is still a cool character, to play as at least.

or hell, even Rikku.

*Hair blowing the wind and talking a monotone voice* "Darkness and depressing stuff" - Qualifies as typical lines for about 5-6 characters in the series off the top of my head.

Summons753381d ago

Squall is depressing either...ff8 he didn't give a shit not emo like cloud crying the entire game.

3381d ago
EcoSos33381d ago

At least she will be in a good game.

Hisiru3381d ago

Yes and for the first time.

PersonaCat3381d ago

Dissidia 012? That was a pretty good game.

PHOSADRA3381d ago

The author of the article says:
"Not to be morbid, but why was Aerith alive? Did FFVII just not happen?"

But then complains about the relationships carrying over: "As the game progressed it got even more strange since Cloud, Aerith, and Sephiroth seemed to carry over their relationships from their respective titles."

They are trying to have their cake and eat it too.
You can't complain about the story not carrying over..and then when it does carry over...complain about that.

Lyr1c3381d ago

It's the other way around. Square is the one having their cake and eating it too.

The dude just wants consistency.

PHOSADRA3381d ago

I see what you mean

PersonaCat3381d ago

That chibi Lightning looks terrible :x

izumo_lee3381d ago

I agree with that assessment. If she does show up since Squarenix is kinda milking FF 13 she will probably look more like how she was in Dissidia Duodecim.

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