CVG Preview: Inversion: Have delays helped create a surprise 2012 hit?

Gravity has a number of applications in Inversion. You can crush enemies under cars, or send them floating off into the sky like helium balloons. You can bring set objects towards you and use them as a shield. Levels can turn from street fight to side-of-a-building fight, with cover provided by window ledges and electrical boxes. Even the lack of gravity changes things, with weightless combat reminiscent of zero-g Dead Space. This is the biggie. Anything not nailed down rises upward, and fighting through hundreds of bits of floating debris looks fantastic.

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CrazyInsane2402d ago

Does anyone know if this is releasing for pc? The official site shows only for console while on facebook official page it shows pc and consoles.

Pintheshadows2402d ago

I'm pretty sure it is. Not sure if it's simultaneous though.