Best Buy Sale For Video Games At $13 Or Less Before Black Friday

Techtorial: Best Buy updated its outlet section listing games (new condition) with more than 50% savings even before Black Friday week begins.

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CerealKiller2102d ago

It is more of a clearance than a pre black friday sale and there is nothing really interesting, just older bargain bin games.

ninavoljic2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Updated with a correct title and description.

Depends on a gamer's preference of what's interesting or not. GCU is also applicable on outlet sale since items there are in new condition.

smokedrugs2102d ago

whats it going to take to make you happy?

2102d ago
kingfetish172101d ago

Deus Ex Director's Cut for PS3 & 360 is $10 too. No free store pick-up though, so adding $3 shipping + your state's tax will add up to less than $14. Good deal there for an awesome game!

Masterchief_thegoat2102d ago

Best buy
New egg&
walmart always have the best deal

assdan2102d ago

This is legitimately an awful sale. Woot woot! I can get a 4 year old game for $7, said no one ever.

Ch1d0r12102d ago

/r/patientgamers won't mind.

assdan2100d ago

This isnt something to advertise is all I'm saying. I can see sales like this on steam literally any day.

Spikeantestor2102d ago

Yeah, I'm stingy enough to wait 4 years so I'm ALSO stingy enough to buy it used and pay even less than this.

GamingSinceThe80s2102d ago

Would have got Mario tennis but when you add it to your cart it says you can't get it shipped,and it tells you to do store pick up,then won't let you do that

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The story is too old to be commented.