IGN: Tales of Graces F Review

Tales of Graces F passes the classic JRPG litmus test where you eagerly steer towards enemies and double back through dungeons after five hours of play. Even after 20 hours of frantic combat, childhood memories, item creation, and quests, Tales of Graces F shows no signs of fizzling out. It carries with it all the charm and minutia that make Japanese role-playing games long-lasting, rewarding investments.

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Abash2406d ago

I wish more reviews would go unscored, people are way too number happy and they see something like a "7" given to a good game as making not worth buying

deep_fried_bum_cake2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

7 is generally defined by game websites as the "good" score, so there is nothing wrong with a game receiving a 7.

Do the people disagreeing with me think that 7 is a bad score?

Only to the people reading the reviews though. If I chose to buy games based on it getting 9+ review scores then I'd only ever get 3 or 4 games a year.

MariaHelFutura2406d ago

For some reason (this generation) anything under a 9 means it's unplayable garbage.....

IMO. People are missing out on some great games. But, what do I know...

Bimkoblerutso2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

More disagreeing with you for missing the point of Abash's post, of which I agree.

deep_fried_bum_cake2406d ago

Whoops, I completely misread his post, I thought he was complaining about it getting a 7 because it was a good game.

synchroscheme2406d ago

"the following article will not feature a definitive score, but instead a consumer recommendation based on the author's time spent with the product."

Isn't that what all reviews should be?

Scores either make or break a game. People should be given facts and opinions, not numbers.

Magnus2406d ago

I am just glad they actually ported a Tales game to the PS3 pissed off a lot of fans. When Tales of Vesperia was made for PS3 but only in Japan. The Tales series is actually better than Final Fantasy right now maybe this will show Namco the demand for the game is there and hopefully they will port Tales of Xillia over to PS3 for North American fans to enjoy.

--Onilink--2406d ago

i like the new aproach, but i think before they post something along the lines of a review, even if its unscored, they need to be sure they have played enough. So i dont think for an RPG it might be the best idea, or at least put some extra hours before making the article

Son_Lee2406d ago

Game is a masterpiece in my eyes. Destroys FF this gen.

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