Top 7 Easiest Games to PLATINUM in less than 7 hours each

Video games have become one of the best forms of Entertainment that provide constant doses of Enjoyment as well as being a new platform to attain insane levels of involvement and grinding just for Bragging rights and a sence of humongous achievement.

How cool would it be if one were to attain the prestigious Platinum trophy under 7 hours with these following PS3 games. Join us as we breakdown 7 of the easiest games to attain instant glory.

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geniusgamerdoc2494d ago

For me, Hannah Montana and Terminator Salvation PLATINUMS were absolute Cakewalks.

turokgames2494d ago

For me...wait what? Those games exist? o.o

sikbeta2494d ago


Tell me you get them for free, god damn you if money was spent on those pos games! haha

Highlife2494d ago

wouldn't play them even if they were free. I don't have time to waste playing crap games and chasing trophies.

SilentNegotiator2494d ago


ZOMG Don' tell me how to speend my moniez!!

F7U122494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


*looks at Miley pic*


*looks at Miley pic*


oh I see what you did there.

badz1492493d ago

and I don't even have any of them! wanted to try PoP 2008 though but I hate how they changed it too much from the PoP I liked!

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Captain Qwark 92494d ago

i understand some peeps are addicted to getting acheivements but unless your an 8 year old girl, why did you play hannah?

sorceror1712494d ago

Exactly. I played T:S because I'm a Terminator geek. You will never see a "Hannah Montana" trophy in my list, though.

hay2494d ago

"Show me your platinums and I'll tell you who you are."

enfestid2494d ago

Because he wanted to party in the U.S.A.?

Legion2493d ago

I have a copy of Hanna Montana and many other kids games because I have kids and they enjoy those titles.

A few titles I have actually put into my Xbox and played around with.

Funny that people harp so much on cheesy games and yet they still play Sonic, Mario, Pokeman and other childish titles.

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guitarded772494d ago

I did the Terminator Salvation platinum, and it was actually the most difficult of my platinums because the game sucked so bad. It would glitch out and freeze, cheap deaths galore and when you died you had to wait through that stupid load screen for a long time. Horrid game.

OMEGAZONE2494d ago

If i got the Hannah Montana game just to get the platinum i don't think i would ever sleep well again. Just the thought of it makes me feel cheap and dirty. Ugh.

Dee_912494d ago

prison break was pretty easy to plat

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Omnislash2494d ago

lol you platinumed Hannah Montana? I hope youre a 15 year old girl because if youre not you gotta turn in your man card ASAP!

Slapshot822493d ago

If the writer actually did his research, he would've known that there are far easier game's to Platinum than these. Cabela's Adventure Camp can be acquired in around 2 hours and is EXTREMELY easy. Heavy Fire Afghanistan can be acquired in around 4-5 hours and takes hardly no effort if you've got a Move controller handy.

Cabela's Adventure Camp is the EASIEST game on the PS3 to Platinum by far!

2493d ago
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Ranma12494d ago

Call of Duty seems like a short and sh**tty game, shouldnt that be easy to platinum?

Dark_Overlord2494d ago

With the godlike aiming of every enemy in the game, grenade spam (WAW) and infinite enemies, they take a bit longer, and all thanks to these cheap tricks to make them harder. Without these things COD would easily be less than 7 hours to plat

geniusgamerdoc2494d ago


Very well put. Totally agree with you.
Couldn't have said it better.

gamingdroid2494d ago

The Mile High Club achievement was [email protected] hard, but there were only achievements for the Xbox 360. No trophies for the PS3 version as it hadn't quite made it's way to PSN platform yet.

In MW2, the spec-ops mission with the juggernauts was [email protected] hard as well. I would hardly call it easy.... Games in general use cheap tricks to make it harder is my experience.

M_Prime2494d ago

i'm actually pretty close to platinum on all MODERN WARFARE games. I just have to do the stupid INTEL finding stuff. I played all 3 on the hardest difficulty, so far MW1 was the hardest, just because of the NO FIGHTING IN THE WARROOM mission!

WAW i tried on insane and gave up because the enemy was too cheap, grenade spam and aim through the grass. I gave up after the trenches level

badz1492493d ago

doesn't have trophies, right?

M_Prime2493d ago

well on the xbox there are ACHIEVEMENTS.. i know its a PS3 thread but trophies and achievements are one and the same to me

Hellsvacancy2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Trine 2, really disappointing trophy list, 12 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Platinum, there isnt even a trophy to complete the game, i havnt actually got it yet, but if your a trophy-aholic then im sure you can do it in 3-4 hours

TopDudeMan2494d ago

I'm playing this right now. I'll have to check that out for an easy plat.

KwietStorm2494d ago

When I played it for the first time, I didn't even look at the trophy list. When I finally did, I was already like 40% done. I couldn't believe how much they skimped on the list, compared to the first one. Like you said, you can platinum the game without even completing it. I don't know of any other game off the top of my head that offers that.

Dark_Overlord2494d ago

My friend keeps threatening to put the Hannah Montana game in and sync it to my account, if she does I won't be speaking to her for a long time lol :D

M_Prime2494d ago

i dunno about the PS3, but on the XBOX you can delete any game off your profile as long as no achievements were earned. thats how i removed the abomination i call NBA 2K7

badz1492493d ago

there's no way to it on PS3 just yet though but I sure hope Sony could put it in later. i have several 0% games where I just ran them to see how they look but they still appear on my PSN ID. and then there's this Band Hero game which I don't even own synced accidentally to my account when I tried the new PS3 I just bought at the store and that was the game he put in to test it! damn...should've made a new user instead but too late now! :-(

lashes2ashes2494d ago

Funny the website sayes that the prince of Persia reboot doesn't make you collect lots of stuped items to get trophys. I could have sworn you have to collect a bunch of light orbs

Muitnorts2494d ago

Yeah that one's just a lie. You have to collect 1001 light seeds to get the platinum.
Still a really easy one to get though.

Knushwood Butt2494d ago


' It doesn’t have that Collectibles-chore aspect to it like Infamous(BLast Shards) and Assassin’s Creed(Feathers). The Light Seeds are a breeze to collect and are not as gruelling as the collectibles in the aforementioned games. '.


MySwordIsHeavenly2493d ago

I disagree, respectfully. The blast shards weren't that grueling. They were fun...because inFamous was fun. Prince of Persia is fun, but it gets SOOOOOOO repetitive.

BluePumpkin72493d ago

Yeah... no.
"blast shards weren't that grueling. They were fun"
it was the most boring repetitive thing i've ever had to do, it was too much work with no indication of how much you've collected in any region, it was very badly designed where you were always missing a piece or two that you will never find.

i love inFamous but you're just blinded with fanboyism

Chaostar2493d ago


How is enjoying a game and having fun with it fanboyism?

His opinion is just as valid as your own, don't be so quick to drop the f word, no not THAT f word :)