The Best Escape Room Games That Will Give Your Brain A Workout

Escape room number one, then proceed to room number two. Why? because it's littered with some of the best escape room games you can play

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Valve's Portal Returns in Escape Simulator

Portal Escape Chamber will bring Valve's Portal back to VR in the upcoming crossover for Pine Studio's Escape Simulator.

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Very Little Nightmares Review - Hardcore iOS

If a high anxiety puzzle solving adventure is what you seek, then download Very Little Nightmares and you will be thoroughly entertained. Beware of the creatures and the touchy touch controls and you’ll do fine.

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"Escape Simulator" has just released its "Wild West" DLC for PC via Steam

"The Samobor-based (Croatia) indie games publisher and developer Pine Studio, are today very excited and happy to announce that they have just released the "Wild West" DLC for their first-person puzzler “Escape Simulator” (the said DLC is available right now for PC via Steam)." - Jonas Ek, TGG.