10 Best Terminator Games of All Time

The Terminator's record at the box office might be somewhat spotty, but there's been a few enjoyable romps involving the iconic murderbot.

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Indo845d ago

i always love Terminator 3 Redemption for the in-game battle damage you receive when killing off other terminators. And Terminator Dawn of Fate was a 6/10 but was enjoyable enough to rent at Blockbuster.


Terminator vs RoboCop review battle - Winner Takes All

Terminator vs RoboCop is a battle for the ages - but which of the two unstoppable forces' most recent games brings their icon to life best?

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darthv72204d ago

I've been enjoying both. It would be awesome if Teyon did a R vs T game. The one on Genesis was great. Time for a long overdue reboot.

PrimeVinister204d ago

For all of its shortfalls, Terminator: Resistance made me feel like I was in the films. And that's definitely good enough.

PrimeVinister204d ago

A RoboCop vs. Terminator from Teyon would be class!

RoboCop did really well for them apparently so who knows. We might see them resume their argument yet :-D

Barlos203d ago

What a game that is! I was recommended it by someone on Twitter a few years back ( I still own a Mega Drive) and I found myself a copy. Love the aesthetic and the music. Great game.

I'd like to see Teyon try a Dredd game next. I think they have what it takes to make it work.

darthv72203d ago

Hell yeah... judge dredd would be sweet.

neutralgamer1992204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

This studio cares about the projects they work on. Hopefully they can do a sequel to terminator with a bigger budget. I feel like terminator went under the radar but with Robocop they are getting their credit and word to mouth advertising for this game is strong

PrimeVinister204d ago

Terminator: Resistance definitely flew under the radar at launch but good word of mouth and a few biggish YouTubers finding it and loving it meant that RoboCop was set up to be the success it is.

The devs absolutely deserve it. And they should 100% follow up with more Terminator. People are paying attention now.

Lexreborn2203d ago

I have enjoyed both games played both pretty leisurely but overall the games are solid. I need to finish terminator and I’m close to the end of robocop. I’ll finish them eventually

PrimeVinister203d ago

The DLC for T:R is excellent. Probably a bit tighter and more killer than the main bit.

Armyofdarkness203d ago

I need to get both these games I think. They seem awesome!


Terminator: Resistance DLC Finally Comes to Xbox Consoles

2019's Terminator: Resistance received post-launch updates and DLC, but not on Xbox. This is about to change with a new release.

autobotdan324d ago

The Terminator always promised 'I'll be back'

giovonni324d ago

I’d like the arcade version in VR please.


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