Kojima working on the “shining moment” for the Metal Gear franchise

Warp Zoned writes:

"During the hour-long panel discussion, appropriately titled “A Conversation With Hideo Kojima,” the famed developer was asked about his life , his career, and his plans for the future. Naturally, he was also asked about his thoughts on the Metal Gear franchise, including what he thought the “shining moment” from the series was. His answer surprised many in the audience."

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Summons752405d ago

wait.....MGS3 wasn't shiny enough? This should be good

Ace_Pheonix2405d ago

OH DAMN. I wonder how hard it would be to break into KojiPro studios... I could disguise myself as that full size Naked Snake and take up permanent residence there. All this stealth sleuthing training has come for this moment!

FinaLXiii2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Kojima would lock you in a cell until the games release lol

Japanese devs dont allow leaks.

Greyfoxdbz2405d ago

no need for a disguise, just use a cardboard box

belal2405d ago

So maybe we will get something at E3?

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