10 Games Only Horrible Parents Would Let Their Kids Play

Maxim writes: We’re not telling you how to raise your kids, but if you let them play any of these games, we’re putting you on the FBI watch list. Also, you’re letting your son eat too much corn syrup and he should really have more friends his own age. Here are the games that will ruin your children. Parents and Santa Claus, take notes.

Neko_Mega4476d ago

Wheres Duke? That was far worst then BMX XXX, some of those games aren't as bad. Heck I think Mass Effect 3 sex parts are worst them most of those games.

Captain Qwark 94476d ago

i agree bmx is def bad. and i also agree mass effect 3. ME3 shouldnt be played by anyone under 13 and yet i was in gamestop getting my copy at the same time some mother was buying a copy for her kid who couldnt have been older than 10.

ME3 has crazy violence ( i can explode enimies ), the storyline is more or less about mass genocide, there is sex and partial nudity in it as well. amazing game, not for young kids. shes an idoit. i find it amazing how parents bitch about violent videogames yet they are the ones purchasing the games for the kids without actuall knowing whats in it.

GTA and MK are a few others that come to mind

nveenio4475d ago

I don't shield my son from video games at all (unless they contain sexualized nudity...) because I don't believe that it makes kids crazy. My sons are perfectly well adjusted, polite, intelligent and surrounded by a large number of friends.

I also played violent games growing up, and I'm not crazy or some kind of civil outlaw, either.

Given, it definitely depends on the kid--a case-by-case basis.

I hate articles like this.

Exoil4475d ago

@inveni0: You're an American right?

shadow27974475d ago

You know what? I agree with this article. Any parent that buys any of these games for their kids is a horrible parent*.

Because all these games suck*. I wouldn't play them either.

*Bulletstorm being the notable exception (how did that get in there?).

nveenio4475d ago

I assume you make that assumption because of my nudity comment. Please note that I said "sexualized". Seven-year old children shouldn't watch penises enter vaginas while hearing "yeah, yeah, yeah!"

If that's what makes me an American...well, then, I'm proud to be an American.

Exoil4475d ago

@inveni0: No, it's the american view on "sex being the devil" (to quote Waterboy).
I understand why you won't let your, I suppose, 7 year old, play sexualised games, but I can't really understand why you seem to think games like Manhunt, Postal, God of War, Ninja Gaiden and so on is any better for a young kid to play or watch.

But hey, we all have our own way of raising our kids :-)

nveenio4475d ago

Like I said, it depends on the kid. Some impulses are easier to control than others.

That being said, I wouldn't let my son play Manhunt or Postal. But only because they're violent for the sake of violence. I think that kind of thing is stupid. I don't like to feed stupidity or the families of the people that create it.

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Ares84HU4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Mass Effect 3 sex parts are worst??

I just hate it that in today's society sex is considered to be a bad thing that can't be shown but it's ok to murder thousands of people in games like CoD and such and rip their heads off in MK.

Am I the only one who thinks that there is something wrong here?

Also, every parent who let's their kind play video games should be familiar with the rating system. If they aren't than they are doing a bad job as a parent.

PooEgg4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Agreed, violence in video game should be a bigger concern for parents then sex in video games. plus the sex in ME3 is no worse than what they might see in a lot of TV shows. Plus if parents talked to their kids about sex instead of pretending it is something that does not exist we would probably have a lot less teen pregnancy.

rdgneoz34476d ago

In the US, people get outraged more about sex / nudity than violence. In other parts of the world, its the opposite.

pandaboy4476d ago

it's because in america you get a lot of the devout religious. They have a very mentally immature attitude toward sex.

SilentNegotiator4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

I think our youth is more likely to act on sex than shoot up their school. At least in the kind of area I grew up in.

So a policy of premarital abstinence, avoiding sexual influences, and not engaging in homosexuality is "immature" in a world with increasing rates of aids, teenage pregnancy, and faulty birth/STD control? Or just a different life decision than yours?

pandaboy4476d ago

Yes it is very immature. European countries have a much healthier attitude toward sex. It's talked about, safe sex is encouraged, and it isn't a taboo like the religious make it out to be. The more secular countries actually lower teenage pregnancy too, but I don't have a source for that just now sorry.

Lets also not go down the infamous 'n4g different opinion argument' either as though you think every opinion has the same logical validity. You sure do have some wacky opinions silentnegotiator.

SilentNegotiator4476d ago


Your version of America is very stereotypical. But the reality is that, even though abstinence is encouraged more, so is the use of protection.

And don't tell ME that I'm apart of the "every opinion is valid" group. I'm always about objective review. Those things are a lifestyle choices. There's no need to be threatened by their lifestyle choices because they're not yours. I know the stereotype is that those people "force" those things on "you", but (if) you're an adult, no one can make you follow the same path.

And don't waste your time telling me a "fact" if you're not even going to provide a source. Even if it's true, I really don't care. Abstinence is still a lot more effective against getting STDs and avoiding pregnancy. America probably does have a higher teen pregnancy rate...and that's because "prude" America is more sexual than MANY other supposedly "secular" places. Lots and lots of silly stereotypes.

ShabbaRanks4476d ago

@Ares84HU people are retarded thats why ... Sex is bad violence is good. Fathers bring their kids to the shooting range at 5 years old, but dont talk about pussy son -_-

theDECAY4476d ago

@ SilentNegotiator

He was right from the beginning. It's not news. We care more about sex than violence in the US. Stop arguing.

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Lazy_Sunday4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

I played Duke Nukem and Mortal Kombat with my Dad growing up before I even hit into Kindergarten. I got a full ride to a pretty famous (some would say "prestigious") university thanks to my 7.3GPA in high school (4.0 weighted). I grew up playing violent and controversial video games. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and am a sophomore in college. I couldn't fathom the thought of hurting another human being. In fact video games probably granted me better insight on the difference between "real life" and "pretend."

If you follow that standard, people who play video games with violent or controversial content will be less likely to hurt others or make big mistakes and more likely to do well in school and get scholarships.

...I also have a lot of sex. Living the dream.

Violent video games = full ride and lots of sex
Troll science?

theDECAY4476d ago

Getting good grades in school isn't an argument. What are you talking about? This argument isn't about you and no one cares where you went to school.

Womanizers, drunks, murderers, rapist and thieves may have all gotten good grades in high school. What logic are you using?

Lazy_Sunday4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

Someone's a little upset. Sounds like someone's played a few too many violent video games, with that kind of temper lol!

jk. I'm still in college though, not out yet. Didn't mean to sound like a show off or anything, I just wanted to grant some insight using my life, but you seemed to have taken it personally. Sorry you took it that way :/

4476d ago
LackTrue4K4476d ago

lol.....in Trill Kill, the guy with no arms doing the break dancing! hahah...

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Shnazzyone4476d ago

Please note, if your parents let you get these games as a kid. Your parents are horrible.

Shnazzyone4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Experiment to see how many kids are on the site. Seeing as all these games came out in the 2000's. 8 Whiny children counted who should have been brought up better. Either that or their all parents that bought their kids these titles.

mynameisEvil4475d ago

No, our parents actually understood how we are.

If your child is mentally unstable, yeah, I could understand not getting him games like friggin' Manhunt. But for someone who IS mentally stable (excluding bipolar, but that doesn't make me violent), there's nothing wrong with violent games.

My dad said something long ago that was so damn simple yet so damn important. "You can play any game you want (he wasn't talking about AO games, people) as long as you never do the things they do in those games."

And guess what? I've never assaulted someone. I've never murdered someone. The only time I've hit people was in self-defense. I've never smoked or done any sort of illegal drug. I haven't swallowed even the tiniest bit of alcohol. I haven't molested or raped anyone. I haven't committed grand theft auto.

So, yeah, I've played many violent, sexual, or otherwise very disturbing games in my life and I've never committed or wanted to commit any sort of felony. So, since my parents understood that I'd never do any of these things in the games, they let me play them. How does that make them bad?

Now, again, if your child is mentally unstable and you DO let him play these games, yeah, you're a horrible parent. But understanding your child? That's one of the best things a parent could do.

theDECAY4475d ago

The fact that you've never smoked pot shows that those games messed with your mind. Never smoked pot. Kids these days.

Tonester9254476d ago

I remember renting BMX XXX from blockbuster. lol I forgot about that. No Parent needed. Then I tried to rent GTA... "We need your parents" lol Uhhh Backwards

Besides that... Who even spends money on making a game like that

MANGLORD4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Nice! I remember playing thrill kill on the modded ps.

xtremexx4476d ago

horrible parents? or best parents EVER!?

theDECAY4476d ago

Funny sh*t. +1