When "Must-Have" Games do not sell, who is to blame?

Gaming Console Network -- By Sean Foster, Dec 30, 2007:

Sean was looking at the weekly "US" sales charts over at when something completely dawned on him. Where in the hell was Uncharted: Drakes Fortune on the top 50? After all, the game has been acclaimed by many in the gaming community and was also on many lists around the net for Playstation 3 Game of the Year 2007. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune was nowhere to be found.

So seeing that made him think about a question for all of you, one that needs to be asked to the average gamer out there? When a "Must-Have" game comes out for a videogame system and it does not sell well, who is to blame?

Sean compared the sales numbers between three "Must-Have" games and three low-rated games.

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ktchong4041d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

PS3 sales are split between gamers and hi-def/blu-ray enthusiasts. Hi-def enthusiasts buy the PS3 to watch Blu-ray movies, and they usually do NOT buy or play games.

It's hard to gauge how many PS3 owners out of the 8.41 million units are actual gamers. A lot of them are not gamers, but video freaks who bought the console to watch movies (because it's the cheapest Blu-ray player for a very long time.) So, the actual number of PS3 owners who are real gamers is really much lower than 8.41 million.

So, basically the game attach rates for the PS3 have been deflated by people who bought the console to watch Blu-ray movies and not to play game. (Hopefully your math sense is good enough to see how that works.)

The reverse is also true for Blu-ray. That's why Blu-ray attach rate is also much lower than HD DVD, because some people who bought a Blu-ray player (which is usually a PS3) are actually gamers. And gamers buy games, not movies.

Basically, the attach rates of Blu-ray *and* games are being split between gamers and hi-def movie enthusiasts, (i.e., some PS3 owners buy Blu-ray movies but no games, and some PS3 owners buy games but no movies); and either attach rate figure ends up getting deflated by the other side.

JokesOnYou4040d ago

I don't know why some disagree, everything you said makes alot of sense and most reasonable people would agree that there are at least a small percentage of people who simply brought the ps3 as a cheap bluray player but don't buy/play games. uhmm, well at least that helps sony on the bluray side of the business.


marc 19754040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

its obvious .. plus we have xbox demos on live for nearly every game out there

Edge11054040d ago

i feel good supporting both sides of the ps3. as of right now, i have 10 blue ray movies and 15 ps3 games, not counting psn games.

FunnyBone4040d ago

I own both consoles and have most of the AAA titles for sony...

The ONLY commercial I have seen lately for the PS3 is where they show a CGI of heavenly sword (about a second long) then the rest of the 30 second commercial is touting blu ray movies....So from my point of view.Sony is trying to appeal more to blu ray than gaming..My opinon is solely based off the recent commercails I have seen....

I hope this isn't the trend so plans to follow

xboxrumble4040d ago

I have been saying this for the longest time. It's not about bashing the PS3 but sony for some reason SPLIT the market.

Out of its user-base were really not sure which are straight gamers or Video enthusiast. Not that it's a bad thing if Sony wants Blu-Ray to win the format war, after all that was the intent.

But as we all know software sales is very important to publishers and Game Devs. so much money goes into Developing a game and they wanna make something back. I blame this on Sony.

Everyone that buys an XBOX 360 without an HD-DVD addon, we know they are not buying it to watch DVD's when there are better players out there. IT's mostly all about the games. This is why I believe a lit of 3rd party titles have and will "Jump in" if sales don't really pick up, or atleast some system sellers.

actas1234040d ago

You are absolutetly right if you said this about 6 months ago.

Why everyone is expecting the PS3 titles to sell same as 360 titles. This is actually very annoying because its just ignorant. You know the attach rates of the PS3 are almost half of that of the xbox, why would u expect titles to sell the same?

"PS3 is the cheapest Blue Ray player">>>> Wrong. there has been a 399 blue ray player since the beginning of the year, "Movie freaks" buy standalone Blue ray players.

The stand alone BR player as of now sold almost as much as the stand alone HD dvd players..

So why PS3 games don't sell? The answer: they Do sell pretty fine, giving the PS3 install rates. Another thing that should be factored in the equation, is that many of the people that upgraded to PS3 are not hardcore gamers >> don't buy lots of games. don't forget that the PS2 is almost in every house..

travelguy2k4040d ago

of the PS3 will transition to gamers instead of Vidoefiles looking for the cheapest Blue ray player. As the cost of Blue ray players comes down (below that of the Ps3) those looking for the player only will obviously buy the stand alone.

ps3playbeyon4040d ago

Great Point there i hadnt seen it in that point of view...i myself have already like 7 ps3 games n only 1 blu ray movie but i bet its the opposite 4 other ppl..

CrazzyMan4040d ago

Here are PURE numbers:

By the end of november there were about:
Total: 11,8 mln. - 100%
9,1 mln. x360. - 77%.
2,7 mln. ps3. - 23%.

Now CoD4 sales:
Total: 2,014 mln.- 100%
Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360) -- 1,570,000 - 78%.
Call of Duty 4 (PlayStation 3) -- 444,000 - 22%.

Bow AC sales:
Total: 1,357 mln. - 100%
Assassin's Creed (Xbox 360) -- 980,000 - 72%.
Assassin's Creed (PlayStation 3) -- 377,000 - 28%.

So.. You are WRONG, if you think, that ps3 owners don`t buy games.

And that are just numbers from USA.
In Europe, games on ps3 are selling even better, then on x360, though there is still around 1,5 mln. gap.

lawman11084040d ago

Let's just ask Sony......... Lair, R&C, Heavenly sword, Dark Kingdom just to name a few, and having every multi game look and or run worse then on the 360.
Hey, let's all watch a Blue Ray DVD....Oh thats right....they are $30 bucks each, Never mind.Lets watch this

lawman11084040d ago

Read it and face the facts ! source is Wired mag. I guess they are in MS pocket too huh?

HarryEtTubMan4039d ago

yOU GUYS ARE WEIRD. You want to prove something so nad but there is nothing to prove. PS3 softaware outsold 360 software in both Europe and Japan the week before Christmas. PS3 software sales on par with 360 per ratio of systems in the U.S. The PS3 isnt ognna pull miracles. Its gonna get better. It already has. PS3 FT FCKIN WIN MAN

PS3 will get the last laugh. Its only a year old and selling good now. Its still gonna sale like A Sony Playstation. LIke it or not. I dont know what your point is.

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AAACE54039d ago

Come on sony fanboys... Now you can say something bad about MS and no one will get mad!

It's MS fault! The power of "X" is the culprit!!

Seriously, those games were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time! That's why they didn't sell that well!

Also, it shows you that there is a possibility that most Ps3 owners, either watch only movies, do games and movies or got rid of their ps3, or the games just didn't appeal to them, or they are waiting for more familiar games like MGS or FF! These are the 5 main reasons why the games didn't sell well.

It's ok though... 2008 should be great for Ps3!

athlon7704040d ago

Does anyone else hear that bell, 'cause I think Jack just got schooled.

While I agree with The Round Peg's post, I still think both Uncharted and R&C should have done much better. There are over 7million PS3 owners, and Uncharted doesn't even break 500,000? Granted, I waited till Christmas when I got both as presents, and I would have sworn many other PS3 owners were doing the same thing, but now the Christmes sales are over, and the numbers just don't add up.

Bubble Buddy4040d ago

jack who: you suck.. c0ck.

Capt CHAOS4040d ago

Because it obviously wasn't as the lack of sales prove it.

FunnyBone4040d ago

After playing it,I would say it is a must have if you own a ps3....Great game.....There are a couple must have games if you own the sysytem...

Noodlecup4040d ago

Well Halo certainly isn't a must have, enough idiots bought it though.

aba4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

This is what happens when your attach rate sucks. Maybe if PS3 owners would buy more games...DUH.

EDIT: Its a fact PS3 has the lowest attach rate of the three. So if PS3 owners buy more games, problem solved. Simple as that JACKASS.

spandexxking4040d ago

panzer YOUR such a jackass!

Capt CHAOS4040d ago

Then, that makes three so far on this thread..

InMyOpinion4040d ago

Halo has already proven itself both in reviews as well as in sales. It came, it conquered.

n00dl3s4040d ago

halo has proven itself with blatantly biased reviews and sales to hundreds of thousands of gamers that wouldn't know a quality fps if it shot them in the face.

Mwaan4040d ago

Halo 3 is absolutely a must have. One of the best gaming experiences I ever had. Going through the campaign with 3 friends is as good as it gets. At one point, we all had our own tank. How many games let you do stuff like that? Have you ever heard the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."? It is a sequel "idiot." They're not going to change the core gameplay. I've played practically every fps ever released, but for some reason, I keep going back to Halo. Halo is more than a game. It's a phenomenon. Master Chief is one of the most popular, iconic characters in videogame history. You're obviously really interested in Halo since you spend so much time talking about it. Most of you Halo bashers haven't even played it. Why don't you give it a try? I tried Uncharted, but I didn't like it. The most uninspired game I've ever played. It doesn't deserve to sell. The devs should be ashamed of themselves.

forum_crawler4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

While I agree that Master Chief is well known in North America, I would certainly not go as far as calling him "one of the most popular, iconic characters in videogame history." A title like that would mean that his character would be known by everyone, but it isn't. I mean, I didn't even know who Master Chief was until halfway through the year since I've never owned an XBox, or known anyone who owned one.

Mario on the other hand...

Oh, one last thing...
Unreal Tournament and Team Fortress are two multiplayer games that come to mind. Whether they are better than Halo or not is a matter of personal preference, but I can tell you that I for one don't feel the need to play Halo since I own those two games... to each his own...

lawman11084040d ago

The Wii is a KIDS system PERIOD. no if's ands or butts when it comes to the PS3 and the 360 the 360 is THE gamers system. It was built to PLAY GAMES not dvds. I own 5 PS3 games and almost 100 360 games. If I did not buy another 360 game for 4 months I still could not finish all of the games I still have not even played yet. When MGS4 comes out next Christmas I still say it will be on the 360 BUT I will buy it for the PS3 because that is the system it was made for (unless it runs better on the 360 that is) My point being 360 owners BUY games. Sony packed in a BR dvd the day it was launched and when they had a price drop, THAT alone should show you where their heads are at.

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