Recharting Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Retrospective Review

Nevada Dru from Bits & Pieces revisits the original Uncharted game, Drake's Fortune.

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xX-oldboy-Xx390d ago

A little rough around the edges but laid the foundations for one of the best sequels in gaming.

ClayRules2012388d ago

I couldn’t agree more.

I remember revisiting all the uncharted games (with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection) and had a very good time with Drake’s Fortune, especially after all those years of not having played it. A good story, with likeable/lovable characters, cool island setting, and solid gameplay.

And my, what came after the first game was simply a masterpiece.

Scar-390d ago

I actually like the first more than the second, something about it is just charming and reminiscent of older games beat it twice before trophies and eights times after the patch. The only UC I would put under two is GA but I have different taste than most gamers.

SamPao390d ago

I would say its because its just rougher, Which is kind of appealing, and its more shooting centric, so if you enjoy the shooting parts the most you are going to like it a lot.
I completely understand

jerethdagryphon389d ago

The uncharted 2xset pieces of the climbing crashed train is a highpoint copied by other games Inc fallen order If I remember correctly

toxic-inferno390d ago

I replayed it last week, and while I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, it was a stark reminder of how far the series has come.

Compared to later entries, the puzzles were few and far between, and were quite tedious to complete. On top of that, the shooting gameplay seemed really poor (maybe I'm just awful at it!) with clear headshots and even body shots sometimes not registering as hits.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great game. But it really illustrates just how far the series has come since then!

389d ago