The 5 Best Remakes and Remasters on PS4

KeenGamer: "Here are the 5 greatest remakes and remasters available on PS4. The art of video game remakes is a tricky one that requires a careful balance of innovation and faithfulness to the original game. The following 5 games manage to get this balancing act right and breathe new life into beloved classics."

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darthv72957d ago

SotC is just... indescribably fantastic. Bluepoint was on point with that one. I look forward to their efforts in Demon Souls.

LoveSpuds957d ago

Yup, that was a fantastic treatment of the original, such a beautiful game.

LoveSpuds957d ago

I find it hard to look past The Last of Us on PS4, it was a fantastic remaster of my favourite game of all time so I simply adored it. A game that runs it damn close though, is Odinsphere which is flipping brilliant on PS4.

There have been some seriously great remasters on PS4 now I think about it, I loved the Bioshock collection, the DarkSouls remaster was great, The Spyro and Crash remakes were brilliant, Dragons Crown Pro, Gravity Rush and Dishonoured. Some fab remasters to compliment the hundreds of great new games on this generation.

AndrenNguyen1471992957d ago

Where's Final Fantasy VII Remake?