Top Ten Ways to Save the "Tales" Series in the West

VGChartz: The recent announcement of Tales of Graces F, presumably for the Playstation 3, could be a crossroads for both RPG fans and Namco-Bandai as a whole.

From posts on message boards and in interviews it seems almost as if this game will be a “litmus test” to see if their Tales franchise still has a leg to stand on here in the west.

Should we have come to this – a situation where fans not buying a game will most likely kill the franchise in this region?

The answer is no, and one company sits squarely with the blame in their lap – Namco-Bandai.

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Summons752410d ago

Tale's games are always good, people just need to stop playing call of duty and wannabe RPGS like mass effect 3 and play this. Me personally I am buying it day one.

Crystallis2410d ago

Totally agree. Cant wait to play this tomorrow.

execution172410d ago

i'm on the broke side and i'm still going to pick this up tomorrow

r212410d ago

want to save the Tales series? release Tales of Xilia internationally. like this year. please.

Cloudberry2410d ago

Tales of Innocence R English version.

SnipeySnake2410d ago

I'd rather have them make a Xillia Directors Cut and release that here instead since Xillia was missing a lot of things and there were stuff that devs wanted to put in but couldnt in time for the anniversary.

dragonknight42410d ago

I cancelled my ME3 purchase so I can get Tales of Graces f which comes out tomorrow. I can't wait.

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