Mass Effect 3 Secret Multiplayer Characters Leaked

A post over on Reddit may have just revealed a series of character races and classes yet to be made available in the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

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Hovis2414d ago

Looks legit.

Looks like a Geth engineer and Infiltrator.
A Batarian soldier and sentinal.
What looks like a Krogan 'Battlemaster'?
And an Asari 'Justicar'?

Doesn't look like Vanguard or adept made it? I got good eyesite so maybe someone else could correct me.

But it would also explain the reason why there seems to be a gap after the fourth character select and that's because there is space for another class. Sweet.

TheColbertinator2414d ago

Still hoping for an Elcor Vanguard and Hanar Soldier.

BattleTorn2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

This is such BS. We can't even have those type of races as Squadmates!

There is only two new squadmates in ME3 (James, and Javik); one of which is DLC.

In Mass Effect 2, you could gather 12 squadmates.

Why isn't there a Batarian, Geth, Drell, Salarian, or Krogian Squadmate? (all of which are in MP, ugh)

Look at the ME Character Wiki page:

# of squadmates:

ME 1 = (...6...)
ME 2 = (.......12......) (2 via DLC)
ME 3 = (....7...) (1 via DLC)

LAWSON722414d ago

Do you only get these characters with figurines if so that is BS

Gamer-Z2414d ago

That's some crazy milking