BioWare’s Lazy Job on Mass Effect 3's Tali

Mass Effect 3 shows BioWare being lazy on a vitally important piece of the series.

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typikal822414d ago

I was wondering about the pic. All my Google searches came up trolled.

I got with everyone in ME2, lol, i think it was a glitch but ended up with Tali. Then I think they fixed the glitch and i dumped her and couldn't get with anyone. I had my forever alone face on until I saw I still had the Kelly and Liara.

Also, I never really noticed the 3 finger ninja turtle hands!

snipes1012414d ago

Can someone please just post a link to the real picture?

rattletop2413d ago

it's in the article. but here's another link

Noticeably_FAT2414d ago

Boo Hoo, everyone seems to be D-riding Bioware lately, they only just came out with the third game in a epic trilogy. All three of the games have scored well and have sold well.

Haters gonna hate I guess, who really cares where they got inspiration for Tali's likeness? Maybe they saw that picture and thought it was perfect for her. It fits though, she looks great.

I'm not going to complain, Bioware has given me over 200 hours of fun on those three games and I respect them for not giving us the "Hollywood" happy ending.

GrIdL0cK2414d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on BioWare at all. The article even states that the picture does Tali justice, it feels like a lazy attempt in my eyes.

On the bright side, I'm really enjoying ME3 and will always <3 BioWare. :D

Godmars2902414d ago

Dragon Age 2.

They seem to developed a habit for bad sequels. Ones that far under deliver anyway.

synchroscheme2414d ago

People can hate on the Mass Effect games all they want, but I'm glad we're not forgetting Dragon Age 2, which in my eyes still seems like the bigger offense.

Solid_Snake372414d ago

Exactly. What is up with Bioware and sequels

solidjun52414d ago

ahh man. One of my buddies played DA like it was a religion. when DA2 came out, he traded it back in after 3 days. In his eye, it was a horrible sequel.

Pozzle2414d ago

Am I the only one genuinely disappointed that she just looks like any ol' regular human? I mean, I wasn't expecting her to be monstrous or anything. But having her look like some generically attractive human woman is boring. :/

At least give her an interesting skin color or a facial feature that is distinctly alien. It's disappointing that Bioware took such a lazy way out, when there are so many gorgeous fanarts that show what Tali might have potentially looked like under the mask:

kamanashi2414d ago

Well, I will say that they at least did modify the image enough to look a little different from a human. But still would have liked to see them come up with something themselves.

sarshelyam2414d ago

Had I never seen the stock image, I likely wouldn't have given two poops about it.

I had my thoughts on how she should look, and while I do agree the end result was slightly generic, it's really not that big of a deal. It doesn't lessen her character, nor my experience with her across 3 games now. She was always my favorite, and remains so nearly 3/4 into this latest entry.

Rupee2414d ago

My thoughts exactly. If I hadn't known I'd be totally fine. Should never have read that article that came out awhile back.

Bottom line: if people want to be unhappy they'll find a way...

v1c1ous2414d ago

the 5 minute photoshop didn't make any alarms go off?

sarshelyam2414d ago

That's what I'm referring to. It was slightly generic due to the use of stock, but is what it is, and that single moment can't effect my experience over multiple years.

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